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Staff Leadership

Bridget Moix

Bridget Moix

General Secretary
Bridget Moix is the fifth General Secretary of the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL). She also leads two other Quaker organizations, affiliated with FCNL: Friends Place on Capitol Hill and FCNL Education Fund.
Adlai Amor, Associate Executive Secretary for Communications

Adlai Amor

Associate General Secretary for Communications
As Associate General Secretary for Communications, Adlai Amor leads FCNL’s communications team to build its presence in all media platforms, oversee the organization’s marketing, and provide a strategic direction for all communications.
Amelia Kegan

Amelia Kegan

Associate General Secretary for Policy and Advocacy
Amelia Kegan leads FCNL’s strategic legislative advocacy and organizing work.
Lauren Brownlee

Lauren Brownlee

Associate General Secretary for Community and Culture
Lauren Brownlee is FCNL’s inaugural Associate General Secretary for Community and Culture and the leader of the organization’s new Community and Culture team.
Stephen Donahoe

Stephen Donahoe

Associate General Secretary for Development
Stephen Donahoe leads FCNL’s efforts to raise annual, capital and planned gifts that support FCNL’s advocacy, education and outreach.
Thomas Swindell

Thomas Swindell

Associate General Secretary for Finance and Operations
Thomas Swindell oversees the financial, human resources, office administration, information technology, and facilities operations at FCNL. Thomas and his staff are responsible for managing organizational structure, strategic planning and output for accounting and finances, personnel development and compliance, IT infrastructure, property and facilities maintenance, and office coordination.


The Friends Committee on National Legislation and the FCNL Education Fund are governed by members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

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Allen Hester

Allen Hester

Legislative Representative, Nuclear Disarmament and Pentagon Spending
Hassan El-Tayyab

Hassan El-Tayyab

Legislative Director for Middle East Policy and Advocacy Organizer
Staff: Jus Tavcar

Jus Tavcar

Interim Legislative Associate, Sustainable Energy and Environment
Staff: Kevin Snow

Kevin Snow

Program Assistant, Militarism and Human Rights (2022-2023)
Staff: Michya Cooper

Michya Cooper

Program Assistant, Justice Reform and Election Integrity (2022-2023)
Nuria Raul

Nuria Raul

Program Assistant, Peacebuilding (2022-2023)
Staff: Zoe Januzzi

Zoe Jannuzi

Program Assistant, Middle East Policy (2022-2023)


Advocacy Corps Organizers

FCNL’s Advocacy Corps organizers are young adults between the ages of 19-30. They connect local activists and leaders with their member of Congress to affect big, long-term change.

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