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  Youth from Northern Arizona pose in support of Missing and Murdered American Indians and Alaska Natives Awareness Day 2021.
U.S. Indian Affairs
Marchers carrying a sign that says "Justice for Missing and Murdered Native Women"
Howl Arts Collective/Thien V.

Working with Native Americans for Justice

FCNL’s work on Native American advocacy started soon after it established an office on Capitol Hill. Read more about our history.

VAWA rally in front of the Capitol.
Alex Frandsen / FCNL

FCNL Congratulates House on Savanna’s Act and Not Invisible Act Passage

These bills improve two of the most problematic issues plaguing Native communities – coordination among law enforcement agencies and reporting practices.

The US Capitol Building
Jeff Kisling

FCNL Endorses the Remove the Stain Act

The bill, first introduced in the House in June, would revoke the Medal of Honor from soldiers who participated in the 1890 Wounded Knee massacre.

We seek a world free of war and the threat of war.

We seek a society with equity and justice for all.

We seek a community where every person's potential may be fufilled.

We seek an earth restored.