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About FCNL

Faithful, Multi-Issue Advocacy

FCNL draws on the expertise of our registered lobbyists in Washington, DC, the commitment and passion of people around the country in our advocacy network, and the relationships we cultivate with elected officials and community leaders. FCNL’s advocacy is grounded in the strength of our convictions.

Quakerism and FCNL

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) is a historic peace church, with longstanding testimonies of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship. There are hundreds of thousands of Quakers worldwide, with significant communities in the U.S., Great Britain, and Kenya. Quakers founded FCNL in response to World War II to advance these values on behalf of the greater good. FCNL advocates on behalf of Quakers and like-minded individuals across the United States.

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Tim McHugh


FCNL’s lobbyists and executives can give interviews for comment or background on a range of peace, justice, and environmental issues.

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