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Bridget Moix is the fifth General Secretary of the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL). She also leads two other Quaker organizations, affiliated with FCNL: Friends Place on Capitol Hill and FCNL Education Fund. She is a passionate Quaker peace advocate, activist, and mother.

While serving as an ambassador for FCNL and its vision, Bridget also ensures that all aspects of the organization are sustained and nourished. She supports a staff of 68 and a full legislative agenda based on the regular discernment of more than 200 Quaker meetings and churches around the country.

Bridget joined FCNL in January 2022. She brings with her 25 years of work on international peace and conflict issues, with a focus on US foreign policy. Prior to joining FCNL, she served as US Executive Director of Peace Direct (2015-2021).

Bridget is no stranger to FCNL. In 1996, she was an intern at FCNL and later served as  senior legislative secretary for FCNL’s foreign policy program (2002-2006; 2008-2012). She developed FCNL’s peaceful prevention of deadly conflict program and co-founded the Prevention and Protection Working Group (PPWG), a coalition of human rights, religious, humanitarian, anti-genocide, and peace organizations.

From 1999–2002 Bridget served on the FCNL Executive Committee and was later assistant clerk then clerk of the General Committee (2016–2020). In that role, she made FCNL’s diversity, equity, and inclusion work a priority while continuing her personal journey with race and racism.

As an executive, Bridget managed Peace Direct’s US office in Washington, DC (2015-2021) and Casa de los Amigos (Friends House) in Mexico City (2006-2007). She has worked at USAID’s Office of Conflict Management and Mitigation (2013-2015), with Oxfam America as policy advisor for Sudan (2005), the Quaker United Nations Office in New York (2000-2002), and the Quaker Peace Center in Cape Town, South Africa (1999).

Bridget has served as a trustee or governing committee member of the Scoville Peace Fellowship, the American Friends Service Committee, Peace Direct US, the Clarence and Lilly Pickett Quaker Leadership Endowment, and the Quaker United Nations Office (Geneva). She now serves on the Haverford College Corporation.

As a teacher, she has taught courses in peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and Quaker studies at several institutions, including Haverford College, Columbia University, George Washington University, American University, and Eastern Mennonite University.

Bridget holds a Ph.D. from George Mason University’s Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. She focused her dissertation on understanding the motivations of local peacebuilders and how the international community can better support them.

She is author of “Choosing Peace: Agency and Action in the Midst of War” (Rowman & Littlefield, 2019), and a contributing author to “Building Peace in America” (Rowman & Littlefield, 2020) and “The Handbook of Conflict Resolution: Theory and Practice” (Josey-Bass; 2006; 2014).

Bridget lives in Washington, D.C., with her two sons who nurture and challenge her peacebuilding skills every day. As a convinced Quaker, she is a member of Friends Meeting of Washington, Baltimore Yearly Meeting, and attends Mexico City Monthly Meeting (virtually).

Bridget.Moix [at]