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Yemeni Boy
European Union 2018/Peter Biro/Flickr

Yemen: The Worst Humanitarian Crisis on Earth

We’ve put together this fact sheet on the crisis in Yemen. The United States must resume aid to this war-torn and famine-stricken nation.

  A Palestinian boy poses for a photo after school in Jarash refugee camp about an hour north of Amman in Jordan.
Omar Chatriwala

The Saudi-led War in Yemen: Frequently Asked Questions

We answered some of the most common and pressing questions related to the ongoing war in Yemen. 

Advocates hold letters that spell out "War is Not the Answer" in front of U.S. Capitol

War Powers Resolution Activist Guide

The War Powers Resolution of 1973, otherwise known as the War Powers Act, is a federal law intended to provide a framework for Congress’s check on presidential power to use military force without congressional consent. 

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