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Invest in Violence Interrupters

For decades, policymakers have debated how to address the epidemic of gun violence affecting communities across the United States. Traditionally, localities have responded to community-level violence by increasing the presence of a militarized police force. This approach has repeatedly failed, with sometimes fatal consequences that compound trauma and increase the likelihood of future violence. 

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Raleigh March in Solidarity with George Floyd
Anthony Crider/Flickr
 Violence Interrupters organized a violence intervention walk through the streets of Austin in Chicago.
Bob Simpson

Violence Interrupters

Violence interrupters offer a community-based approach to reducing communal and interpersonal violence that treats violence as a public health problem.

Pittsburgh police in riot gear. September 25, 2009
Kate Sheets/Flickr

FCNL's Work on Policing

America needs police reform now. Here are the opportunities we see for Congress in 2022.

Gavel on desk
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Moral and Practical Reasons to End the Death Penalty

Executing criminals does not address the roots of violence in our society. It has not been shown to effectively deter crime. It does not restore lives destroyed by acts of violence.

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