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Raleigh March in Solidarity with George Floyd
Anthony Crider/Flickr
Pittsburgh police in riot gear. September 25, 2009
Kate Sheets/Flickr

FCNL's Work on Policing

America needs police reform now. Find opportunities for action and educational resources. 

Gavel on desk
Joe Gratz / Flickr

Moral and Practical Reasons to End the Death Penalty

Executing criminals does not address the roots of violence in our society. It has not been shown to effectively deter crime. It does not restore lives destroyed by acts of violence.

Who do you call? Protest picture.
Eric Bond / FCNL

Sick and Tired of Tragedies at the Hands of Police

FCNL was proud to stand with the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights as they put forth a strong letter outlining the challenges with policing in the U.S.

We seek a world free of war and the threat of war.

We seek a society with equity and justice for all.

We seek a community where every person's potential may be fufilled.

We seek an earth restored.