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FCNL Among Friends

Through FCNL’s virtual and in-person travel to monthly meetings, churches, and Quaker communities, we provide support to knit together Friends’ witness and FCNL’s advocacy. Learn more about our ministries with meetings and churches, and contact us if you’d like FCNL to join you for worship and a Quaker advocacy workshop!

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Barbie Izquierdo on panel at FCNL Annual Meeting 2018
Jennifer Domenick / FCNL

Quaker Changemaker Series


FCNL’s Quaker engagement team is here to help connect our advocacy for justice to the important work you’re doing in your yearly and monthly meetings and churches. Contact us at with any questions or to arrange an FCNL visit with your community.

Quakers Uprooting Racism Program

The Quakers Uprooting Racism program is a nine-month transformative experience. It brings together a diverse cohort of Friends and those at the margins of Quakerism.

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Members of the Quakers Uprooting Racism Program cohort for 2022-2023