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“FCNL is one of the most well-organized and strategic advocacy teams in Washington. Their advocates always speak with detailed knowledge and moral clarity. I have found them to be an invaluable ally in our shared efforts to end war and advance human rights and needs.”

Rep. Barbara Lee (CA-13) and California Friends holding Love Thy Neighbor Sign at FCNL's Annual Meeting 2019.
Varsylvia James

Working Toward the World We Seek

FCNL’s strategic lobbying gets results. From the creation of the Peace Corps and passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and passage of legislation to prevent atrocities FCNL has been pivotal to some of our country’s landmark legislation. Our power stems from the integrity of our positions, our effective lobbying in Washington, and our committed grassroots network.

In the last five years, our grassroots network of lobbyists around the country has more than doubled in size, expanded its reach to all fifty states and mobilized thousands of people to build meaningful relationships with members of Congress and their staff.  

These volunteer advocates around the country, from many different Faiths and communities, work closely with FCNL’s a team of professional lobbyists in Washington to change federal policy on the priorities set by Friends. On Capitol Hill, we field a team of more than a dozen professional lobbyists who deep knowledge of Congress and connections built up over decades of experience helps identify specific advocacy priorities that can help change federal policy toward priorities set by our Quaker governors.

The expertise of our professional lobbyists is increasingly sought by journalists and congressional offices. We are deepening our capacity to make change.

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Quaker Faith in Action

Quaker faith and practice lie at the heart of FCNL’s work, influencing both the policy positions we take and the way we pursue change. This work gives Friends a path for living out their faith in the world, while providing a window into Quaker action for people from many backgrounds.

People of all ages are living their faith through action with FCNL and experiencing their own ability to be part of political change.

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“Year after year, we prove to representatives of both parties that we can be relied upon to listen carefully, to speak our truth, and to discern opportunities for bipartisan consensus.”

Tom Bertrand, Virginia Beach Friends Meeting
Advocates walk the halls of Congress during Spring Lobby Weekend 2019
Joseph Molieri