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  1. Press Release FCNL Applauds Homeland Security Advisory Council Vote Urging a Reduction of Privatized Detention 

    A strong majority of Homeland Security Advisory Council members voted to phase out private prisons, in a surprising dissent from the group’s draft recommendation to continue DHS use of private prisons.

  2. Update Community Lobby Day: Our Message to Congress 

    Now, more than ever, we need you. Now, more than ever, we need your advocacy, your voice. The election results may have made our work more difficult, but they’ve also made your relationships with your senators and representative more important than ever before.

  3. Update Your Power and FCNL Advocacy Teams 

    As we see how the political changes in Washington will affect people across the country, we know that motivating Congress to act is essential. That’s where you have power—to be persistent advocates for justice and peace with your members of Congress.

  4. Event Royce Gay of the Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe Speaking on the Sacred at Standing Rock 

    Royce Gay, spiritual advisor and grandson of Oglala Lakota Sioux Chief Crazy Horse, has traveled to Washington, DC from Standing Rock. He is here to speak directly to elected officials about the sacred lands, the peoples’ concerns regarding militarized police presence and actions at Standing Rock, as well as protecting the waters for present and future generations.

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Update Staying Engaged in 2017 

There’s a lot at stake in the next six months. The president-elect and incoming congressional leaders have laid out their top priorities – repealing the Affordable Care Act, deporting undocumented immigrants, waging war on ISIS, and more – and we have our work cut out for us to advance peace and justice.

Background 20 Organizations Express Continued Disappointment in NDAA Budget Gimmick 

20 organizations of the Pentagon Budget Campaign sent a letter to Congress opposing the unrequested $3.2 billion for the Pentagon in the FY17NDAA conference report. Win Without War drafted the letter, TCS supplied edits, Win Without War and PBC collected signatures, and Win Without War, National Taxpayers Union, and POGO sent the letter to the Hill Dec 1.

Background Phase Out America's ICBMS 

Russia and the United States have started rebuilding their Cold War nuclear arsenals, putting us on the threshold of a new and dangerous arms race. But we don’t have to replay this drama.

Action Alert Washington Post Finds $125 Billion in Pentagon Waste 

The United States spends too much on war making efforts, and it is clear that we squander billions and billions of dollars in the process.

Letter 22 Senators Show Their Support for Refugee Resettlement 

This week, more than twenty senators signed a letter urging appropriators to fully fund our nation's refugee resettlement program for the upcoming year. This funding is necessary to ensure that our government can continue to provide services for refugees already in this country, as well as for individuals and families yet to arrive.

Action Alert Success: Stand with Water Protectors 

Update: The Army Corps of Engineers announced Sunday that they wouldn't grant the final easement to the Dakota Access Pipeline, blocking the pipeline from being completed. But this victory could be overturned by the Trump administration.

Update Holding Congress Accountable 

We are ready. Our lobbyists are ready. FCNL grassroots advocates are ready. In fact, we have already begun lobbying on the issues that will be front and center in the first 100 days of the new administration and the new Congress.

Update Senate Passed Anti-Free Speech Bill; House Considers Bill 

The so-called “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act” would expand the definition of Title VI protection to include political criticism of Israel, threatening free speech.

FCNL in the News Prevent Mass Atrocities and Genocide with Real Action  

The question is not if President-elect Donald Trump will be faced with atrocities and genocide, but how will he respond in the face of violence and navigate existing and future political challenges, and—perhaps most importantly—to what extent will preventing conflicts before they begin be a policy priority?

Event The World We Seek: We Can Live It (Tampa Event) 

On January 22, join us to hear firsthand about what the capital campaign means to FCNL and the future of Quaker advocacy. This local event welcomes everyone who wants to participate, and seeks to widens our network of supporters, local community leaders, and organizers.

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