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  1. Statement Afghanistan: More of the Same Will Lead to More of the Same 

    President Trump’s decision to send thousands more Americans to Afghanistan is a tragic mistake that simply expands the bomb and blast approach that has failed for more than a decade.

  2. Statement White Supremacy Is Wrong, and We Must Act 

    Our country is looking for moral leadership. President Trump is failing us.

  3. Background Rooting Out White Supremacy in our Nation 

    What transpired in Charlottesville, VA unnerves and grieves us. It is a manifestation of fear and hatred that is contrary to the world we seek - a society with justice and equity for all.

  4. Update This Week with North Korea 

    Tensions with North Korea escalated dramatically this week. President Trump threatened "fire and fury" against North Korea, while North Korea boasted of plans to splash missiles in the waters around Guam, a U.S. territory home to more than 162,000 people.

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Update Native American Legislative Update - August 2017 

Congress Has Left the Stage

"The President proposes, but Congress disposes" one leading appropriator quipped when the President submitted a budget with deep cuts affecting Indian Country. With Congress on recess until September, there's a moment to check in on how the committees have been responding to the President's proposals. So far, funding looks better than might have been expected...

Update Following the Money - Health Care 

Funding in the Interior and Environment Appropriations Bill

There are two big stories about health care in Indian country and for urban Indians. One has to do with the adequacy of staffing and facilities for the Indian Health Service (IHS). The other has to do with protecting continued funding of federal programs including the IHS and Medicaid, Medicare, and veterans programs along with access to affordable and effective health insurance.

Update Following the Money - Housing and Economic Development 

Funding in the Transportation and Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Bill

Assurance of safe and secure shelter is critical for anyone’s survival and potential, especially in some of the harsh climates to which Native people have been consigned in the “lower 48,” and in the original homelands of Alaska Natives. Yet Native Americans and Alaska Natives living in Indian country are much less likely than the rest of the nation to have a physically adequate home, with appropriate plumbing, kitchen facilities, heating, structures and protection from the elements.

Update Following the Money - Education and Strengthening Communities 

Funding in the Interior and Environment Appropriations Bill and the Health, Human Services and Education bill

Indian students in schools owned by the Bureau of Indian Education are likely to arrive each day to a place that is leaking, rotting, corroded, too cold or too hot, and poorly furnished to support learning. How are these students supposed to build a future for themselves on such a foundation?

Update Following the Money - Justice and Violence 

Funding in the Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriations Bill

Proposed funding for the Justice Department includes strong support for a handful of programs that focus on violence against Indian women. The House and Senate bills also include "set-asides" for victims of violent crimes and for the support of justice systems on tribal lands.

Advocacy Resource Call All Your Members of Congress 

No matter how famous your senator may be or how connected your representative may is, he or she must answer to you, the constituent.

House Parties FAQ 

Here is (we hope) the answer to your burning question about FCNL House Parties. More questions? Email julia@fcnl.org

Action Alert Protect DACA Recipients from Deportation 

Right now, the Trump administration is considering whether to put nearly 800,000 young people at immediate risk of deportation, you can take action today.

Update Push to Protect Prevention Funding and Tools 

Significant Challenges Shaping September

The month of September will be an important one as we work to address proposed cuts to critical conflict prevention funding and tools. These challenges come at a time when the world is facing increasing levels of violence, and experiencing unprecedented levels of global hunger and displacement as a result of conflict. Here's what we are following:

Countering White Supremacy 

Ways to Act

We are called to stand up for justice and love in our communities and with our elected leaders. Here are some ways we can do that.

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