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  1. Update Our Ordinary Lives and Extraordinary Power 

    As Friends, we choose to live in the ordinary and that ordinary is what we all have access to: God’s love. This ordinary is big and beautiful, and filled with hope. This ordinary is us.

  2. Update Welcome to FCNL's New Website! 

    After seven years with our old website, we've redesigned fcnl.org. The transition should make the website more accessible to more people -- whether you've been working with us for years, or you're just getting to know our work.

  3. Update 5 Reasons I'm Looking Forward to Annual Meeting  

    In just a few weeks, more than 300 people will be joining FCNL in Washington, DC for Annual Meeting. Here's why I'm excited about this year's gathering.

  4. Update Mass Incarceration and the Legacy of Slavery 

    Let’s remember that our work to undo the threads of slavery and act to address racism starts with the work of ending these institutional systems of control.

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  1. How do you #lovethyneighbor? Join me at FCNL's Annual Meeting November 10-13. More on Annual Meeting 
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      3. October 21, 2016
      Stop the Saudi Slaughter 
      1. Update
      2. October 20, 2016
      On the Road for Spring Lobby Weekend 
      1. FCNL in the News
      2. October 19, 2016
      Advocacy Teams in the News 
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  1. Annual Meeting 2016 
    1. November 10-13, 2016 in Washington, DC
  2. Community Lobby Day 
    1. December 10, 2016 in Your Community

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