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The Cassidy-Graham health care proposal will take coverage from tens of millions of people -- and we have just days to stop it.

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  1. Background Heeding Wise Counsel on North Korea 

    In November 1983, Ronald Reagan stood before the Japanese Diet and proclaimed that, “A nuclear war can never be won and must never be fought.” President Reagan went on to assure U.S. allies and the world that “The United States will never walk away from the negotiating table. Peace is too important.”

  2. Update Now is the Time for Faithful Action 

    Milestones That Give Us Hope

    We are living in challenging times. Too often, cracking open a newspaper or turning on the news feels like a bleak exercise in disappointment, concern, and outrage. In these times more than ever, we must seek hope.

  3. Update Beyond Paris 

    The U.S. Struggles to Solidify Position on International Climate Action

    The United Nations General Assembly convened on Tuesday Sep. 19th in Manhattan, NY. The discussion is expected to include a large focus on the U.S. role in the Paris Climate Agreement.

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      1. Background
      2. Vox
      3. September 22, 2017
      What Every Major Health Group Has Said about Graham-Cassidy 
      1. FCNL in the News
      2. Truthout
      3. September 22, 2017
      Graham-Cassidy: A Moral Outrage That Could End Coverage for 32 Million 
      1. Legislative Ask
      2. September 22, 2017
      Protect Health Care for All 
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