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S.756 brings more fairness into the justice system by reducing extremely long prison sentences for non-violent crimes paired with improved rehabilitation for those currently in prison. Contact congress and urge your legislators to vote and quickly pass the FIRST STEP Act.

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  1. Update Final Farm Bill Avoids Harmful House Provisions & Protects SNAP 

    After months of intense negotiations, the House and Senate have come to an agreement and released a final version of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (H.R. 2), also known as the farm bill. The Senate voted 87-13 in favor of the bill, and the House passed it by a vote of 369-47.

  2. Press Release Senate Votes to End Illegal U.S. War in Yemen as Peace Talks Progress 

    Washington, DC – The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) today celebrated both the historic Senate vote to end U.S. military participation in the Saudi-led war in Yemen and the breakthrough in the Yemen peace negotiations.

  3. Update Act in Hope this Season 

    Even as our hearts are broken with the constant attacks on our immigrant and refugee neighbors, we are reminded that we are an Advent people - a people of hope.

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  1. Where witness meets advocacy: FCNL's new Quaker Welcome Center on Capitol Hill. Learn more 
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      2. December 17, 2018
      Grassroots Action Pushes Green Deal to the Forefront  
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      2. December 17, 2018
      Native American Legislative Update 
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      2. December 13, 2018
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