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Congress will be home for recess next week. Here's how to ask a question at a town hall that will have an impact.

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  1. Update Holocaust Survivors' Descendants Speak Out against Friedman Nomination 

    A number of constituents whose families were impacted by the Holocaust wrote to their Senators to explain how their Jewish families' values and experiences compelled them to stand for justice and oppose the Friedman nomination. Here you can read two public letters.

  2. Advocacy Resource Meet with Congress for the First Time 

    Spend just 15 minutes a week learning the skills that will prepare you for effective advocacy. By the end of the online training (February 28-April 21), you’ll be ready to go on your first lobby visit with your member of Congress’s office.

  3. Advocacy Resource Policy Change Without Representation: DC Action Steps 

    For DC residents, influencing policy without congressional representation can be a challenge. Here's what you can do.

  4. Update On the Road with the Advocacy Corps 

    Advocacy Corps Coordinator Katie Breslin is checking in with members of FCNL's Advocacy Corps, who are working in their communities to advance comprehensive immigration reform.

  1. Go beyond letters and phone calls with a special training to meet with Congress for the first time. Get started 
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  1. Spring Lobby Weekend 
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