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School children walk by the Nagasaki hypocenter cenotaph.
Michelle Fujii / FCNL

Congress Must Speak Plainly About the Suffering Wrought by Nuclear Weapons

The suffering and destruction and death that two nuclear bombs wrought in Hiroshima and Nagasaki are not mere history to be noted on a day or two in August, and then moved on from. 

Russian and US presidents sign the New START treaty.

In the Shadow of COVID-19, Fate of New START Remains Unclear

As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts our lives and occupies the bulk of our attention, the status of a key pact—the New START nuclear arms control treaty between the United States and Russia—hangs in the air.

Military plane at sunset.

Abandoning the Open Skies Treaty Is a Mistake

FCNL expressed disappointment in the Trump administration’s announcement that it will withdraw from the long-standing, multilateral Treaty on Open Skies. 

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