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What is Quaker Lobbying?

In this short video, Sarah Freeman-Woolpert, FCNL’s deputy director of strategic advocacy, discusses how Quaker grounding defines Friends Committee on National Legislation’s way of lobbying.

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Quakers: A Quick Guide

What happens in Quaker worship? How do Quakers make decisions? Are Quakers Christian? This guidebook examines some basic questions about Quakerism and how it relates to FCNL’s advocacy.

A Theological Perspective on Quaker Lobbying

FCNL is part of a 400-year tradition of Quakers advocating for policy change. Learn more about the connections between FCNL’s advocacy and Quaker history, faith, and practice.

Quaker Faith in Action

Are you part of a Quaker meeting or church? See how FCNL can help you engage your community in advocacy.

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Experience Quaker Worship

Join us via Zoom every Wednesday at 5:15 p.m. ET. Inspired by Quaker worship, Witness Wednesday is a time to reflect together in community. All are welcome!

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Aristotle Jones

“FCNL enhanced my ability to talk to anyone and speak up and ask the right questions. [Working with Quakers at FCNL showed me] there’s more than one way to think.”

Aristotle Jones, former Young Fellow, 2016-2017


Students engage in conversation during Spring Lobby Weekend
Matthew Martyr

Learn to Lobby

Diane Randall at the ribbon cutting for the Quaker Welcome Center
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Quaker Changemaker Events

“The FCNL community holds me steady and helps me understand and speak my own truth with more clarity, firmness and humility.”

Mary Lou Hatcher, member of Lehigh Valley Friends Meeting (PA) and FCNL’s General Committee


Mary Lou Hatcher
Haydyn Foulke

“I am a tutor and mentor of recently-arrived immigrants…As a Quaker, I believe God exists in every person and all humans are deserving of dignity and respect. When I see their eyes light up, that is a moment I see God on Earth.” 

Haydyn Foulke, Greensboro (NC) Advocacy Corps organizer, in a letter-to-the-editor published in the Greensboro News and Record (Jan. 31, 2021)