Alicia McBride

Alicia McBride leads FCNL’s work to nurture, expand, and deepen relationships with Friends across the United States. She also works to ensure that everyone engaged with the organization understands the spiritual basis of FCNL’s advocacy. She oversees FCNL events at the Quaker Welcome Center as well as Annual Meeting and the Quaker Public Policy Institute.

Alicia’s work builds on her previous roles at FCNL in communications, integrated strategy, and impact assessment. She joined the FCNL staff in 2004. She is a member of Sandy Spring Monthly Meeting (Baltimore Yearly Meeting) and has been part of a number of committees, including religious education, marriage and family relations, and membership and spiritual care. Alicia serves on the board of Friends Community School in College Park, MD and on the Earlham School of Religion Board of Advisors.

Alicia holds a B.A. in English from Carleton College and an M.S. in Technical Communication/Human Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle. She lives in Takoma Park, MD with her husband and two children.

Articles by Alicia McBride

Background Systems, Relationships, and History: Advocating for Peace Today 

Adapted from remarks delivered at the New Association of Friends Fall Gathering, September 2020.

Sept. 21 marks the International Day of Peace. What does it mean to work for peace, as our country and world face painful conflicts?

Background Quakers, Race, and Police Brutality 

Friends across the country are speaking out against racism and police violence. Here, we excerpt some of the minutes and statements that they have shared with us.

Update What Does "Nonpartisan" Mean in 2020? 

What does it look like to be “non-partisan”? In 2020, this question takes on new and complex facets.

Update What are you being asked to do in this moment? 

Amid a worldwide health crisis, an economic downturn that has devastated millions, and a pandemic of racism and police violence in the United States, this query has woven its way into my thoughts over these past months.

Update My Continuing FCNL Journey 

I became a Quaker because of FCNL. Part of that story is personal, tied to the people I have met through this work, including my fellow intern and now husband. FCNL has introduced me to communities and people who are now, quite literally, my family.

Event White Privilege Conference 

March 20-23, 2019 | Cedar Rapids, IA

The WPC provides a challenging, collaborative and comprehensive experience. They strive to empower and equip individuals to work for equity and justice through self and social transformations.

Background Senate to Vote on Pentagon Spending, Endless War, Police Militarization, and More 

The week of September 11, the Senate will debate its proposal for the National Defense Authorization Act. FCNL is tracking a number of amendments on this military policy bill.

Update House Votes on Climate, Pentagon Spending, Islamophobia, War in Military Policy Bill 

Every representative in the U.S. House voted on amendments to a military policy bill that could rein in Pentagon spending, put the brakes on a new nuclear arms race, and stop an accidental war with Iran.

Update Your Power on Health Care 

House leadership's decision to pull the American Health Care Act off the floor, ending (for now) congressional efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, is a major victory.

Update New Energy for Advocacy 

This month's staff gathering left me with a sense of excitement and possibility. Over and over again, I heard about new energy for advocacy in this challenging time, and a recognition that our community can sustain that energy for the long haul.