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campaign signs
Sean McMenemy
Baltimore voters cast their ballots during early voting 2014.
Jay Baker

How Can We Restore Integrity to Our Elections?

Our system of elections and the role of money in politics need serious reforms. There are many problems to solve, but fortunately, there are also many solutions.

Diane Randall at the ribbon cutting for the Quaker Welcome Center
Jennifer Domenick / Love Life Images

FCNL Head Recognized as Faith Leader to Watch in 2020

General Secretary Diane Randall was named as one of the “Faith Leaders to Watch in 2020.” The list of 15 leaders was released by the Center for American Progress (CAP).

U.S. Capitol Building

Don’t Get Rid Of “Faithless Electors,” Get Rid of The Electoral College

Recent history has shown the Electoral College is no longer relevant and democratically moot. It has proven itself undemocratic, permitting the election of candidates who do not win the most votes.

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