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We are pleased to offer two new resources that explore the Quaker grounding of FCNL’s advocacy. Whether you want to understand Quakerism better or to spend time reflecting on the relationship between your faith and political action, you will find a great deal to consider in these publications.

“A Theological Perspective on Quaker Lobbying” by Margery Post Abbott

This book examines the relationship between lobbying and Friends’ spiritual practice. Drawing on Quaker history and theology, as well as the teachings of Jesus, Margery Post Abbott connects FCNL’s work to the efforts of Friends through many generations to carry their concerns into the world. The book includes discussion questions for individual reflection or for use with a reading group. This new edition is an update from the original 2010 edition.

“Lobbying from a place of faith … is not about promoting self-interest but about advancing government policy to move toward a more powerful, just, and whole world; in other words, to be more in line with what we understand of God’s kingdom on Earth.” – Margery Post Abbott

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“Quakers: A Quick Guide” by Carl Abbott

While grounded in Quaker faith, FCNL’s relationship-based approach to advocacy attracts people with widely different understandings of the Quaker beliefs and values that are the foundation of FCNL’s work. In this book, Carl Abbott endeavors to make the spiritual basis of FCNL’s work more accessible to all, covering topics such as what happens in Quaker worship, how Quakers make decisions, and the complex answer to the question of whether Quakers are Christian.

“If someone says, ‘let’s settle’ to a Quaker group, they are saying settle into a worshipful state of mind (not ‘settle down, you rowdy people!’). To center is to try to turn one’s mind away from everyday concerns, like the coming work week and focus on openness to someone larger than oneself. It is easier said than done, as Quakers have known since the 17th century,” – Carl Abbott

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We are grateful to Margery Post Abbott and Carl Abbott who wrote these books during their term at FCNL as Friends (not) in Washington early this year.

Margery Post Abbott is a ‘released Friend’ writing and traveling in the ministry with the support of Multnomah Monthly Meeting in Portland, Oregon. She is a past clerk of FCNL’s General Committee. Along with her husband, Carl, she is the author of the forthcoming book, “Quakerism: The Basics.”

Carl Abbott is a member of Multnomah Meeting in Portland, Oregon. He is an author, historian, city planning specialist, and a retired professor of urban studies and planning. He and Margery Post Abbott served as Friends in Washington for FCNL in the spring of 2020, volunteering from their home in Portland due to the COVID–19 pandemic.

Two more publications are currently being finalized: “A Persistent Band of Everyday Prophets” by Margery Post Abbott and “The William Penn House on Capitol Hill” by Carl Abbott.

Alicia McBride

Alicia McBride

Senior Director for Quaker Leadership
Alicia McBride leads FCNL’s work to nurture, expand, and deepen relationships with Friends across the United States.