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Seven new young adults joined FCNL staff as the 2020-2021 Young Fellows. During their fellowship, they will work as program assistants with FCNL staff to build their advocacy expertise.


2020-21 Young Fellows

This year’s Young Fellows and their programs:

  • Bryan Bowman, Middle East Policy
  • Hannah Sievers, Young Adult Outreach
  • Julia Gledhill, Militarism and Human Rights
  • Kameryn Point (Lumbee/Waccamaw Siouan), Criminal Justice and Election Integrity
  • María Isabel León Gómez Sonet, Immigration and Refugee Policy
  • Mariah Shriner, Energy and Environment
  • Michelle Fujii, Nuclear Disarmament and Pentagon Spending

“It is a joy to have a group of passionate, thoughtful, and diverse young adults join FCNL this year,” said Adrienne Peters, who coordinates the program. They were chosen from over 100 applicants.

This year’s Young Fellows come from five states. They graduated with majors in history, global studies and international development, peace studies, anthropology, ecology, economics and business, communications, and journalism. Some of our Young.

Fellows have worked in journalism, advocacy, and teaching before joining FCNL. In addition to learning how to advocate on FCNL’s legislative priorities, they will also recruit participants to Spring Lobby Weekend and new applicants for the program itself.

The Young Fellows Program is one of the four Young Adult programs at FCNL. The others are the Advocacy Corps, summer internships, and Spring Lobby Weekend. FCNL originally started its internship program in 1970 to provide young Quakers frustrated with the Vietnam War a way to work for peace. Spring Lobby Weekend started in 2009; summer internships and Advocacy Corps began in 2015.

More than 2,000 young adults have had training in lobbying and organizing for peace and justice through FCNL. They are part of FCNL’s growing alumni network.

Adrienne Peters

Adrienne Peters

Assistant to the General Secretary

Adrienne Peters is the Assistant to the Executive Secretary, Diane Randall. She provides administrative support and serves as a liaison to FCNL constituents, sustainers, and governing committees.