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In these troubled times, it’s not surprising that people are anxious, gripped with uncertainty.

Consider this: the COVID-19 pandemic causing over 200,000 deaths in the United States; creating economic hardships and social isolation; tragic wildfires in western states; devastating flooding in southern states fueled by climate change; escalating political tensions; the controversial selection of a new Supreme Court justice; and systemic racism and economic inequality in a sharply divisive campaign season.

As an organization grounded in the faith of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), our policies, priorities, and practices provide a bedrock for these times, a spiritual grounding in God’s fierce love.

For Quakers, the inward Spirit fuels outward action, and for FCNL that means we always have a way to exercise faith, hope, and love.

Each day, we practice hope as we advocate. Each day, we exercise faith as we build relationships to create community. Each day—and especially in these times—we know fierce love as we co-create the world we seek.

Our resolve, our faith to act has never been more important. Democracy in the United States is at stake right now.

The opportunity to pursue the aspirations and values we long for—equality, justice, peace, and an earth restored—requires us to act with fierce love. What does that fierce love look like?

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