Quakers: A Quick Guide

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Quakers: A Quick Guide


While grounded in Quaker faith, FCNL’s relationship-based approach to advocacy attracts people with widely different understandings of the Quaker beliefs and values that are the foundation of FCNL’s work. In this publication, Carl Abbott endeavors to make the spiritual basis of FCNL’s work more accessible to all, covering topics such as what happens in Quaker worship, how Quakers make decisions, and the complex answer to the question of whether Quakers are Christian.

Quakers: A Quick Guide

Preface by Diane Randall

When I first encountered Quakerism, I wish I had Carl Abbot’s “Quakers: A Quick Guide,” to help me as I figured out Quaker faith and practice. Participating in Friends’ meeting and understanding how Friends seek to lead their lives centered in listening to Spirit, and practicing peace and justice convinced me this is a faith and practice I want.

Convincing people to become Quakers is, of course, not the purpose of this book. As FCNL engages more and more young people and people of other faiths or of no particular faith, we realized the need for an overview of the faith and practice that undergirds the work of the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

We welcome seekers at FCNL—those who share the vision for the world we seek and those who are curious about Quakers and how faith leads to action. Our work together will help build the beloved community.

About the Author

Carl Abbott

Carl Abbott is a member of Multnomah Meeting in Portland, Oregon. He is an author, historian, and city planning specialist and a retired professor of urban studies and planning. He and Margery Post Abbott served as Friends in Washington for FCNL in the spring of 2020, volunteering from their home in Portland due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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