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Reclaiming Our Democracy in the 118th Congress

The only antidote to a failing government is the active engagement of its people. As the 118th Congress begins—no matter how it unfolds in the weeks and months ahead—I hope you’ll join us in reclaiming our democracy and continuing our work together to build the world we seek.

On Becoming an Anti-Racist Organization

One of the tenets of Quaker faith is to always be open to new revelation, to change. Sometimes the revelation comes quickly, but more often, it comes through ongoing collective discernment.

Speaking Truth to Power Out of Quaker Grounding

On May 4, FCNL welcomed Dr. Sa’ed Atshan, associate professor of Anthropology at Emory University, to share his experiences with Quaker education growing up, his life’s journey with Quakerism, his thoughts on Quaker institutions, and his overall reflections on faith.

On the Road as General Secretary

It’s been a little more than three months on the job, and I can confidently say that the Spirit is alive and well within the FCNL community. Here’s a look at what I am seeing and hearing as I travel among Friends.