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Speaking Truth to Power Out of Quaker Grounding

On May 4, FCNL welcomed Dr. Sa’ed Atshan, associate professor of Anthropology at Emory University, to share his experiences with Quaker education growing up, his life’s journey with Quakerism, his thoughts on Quaker institutions, and his overall reflections on faith.

On the Road as General Secretary

It’s been a little more than three months on the job, and I can confidently say that the Spirit is alive and well within the FCNL community. Here’s a look at what I am seeing and hearing as I travel among Friends.

Seeking Peace in Yemen

There is a glimmer of hope in the effort to end the war in Yemen. On April 1, a two-month Ramadan truce took effect. While the ceasefire has not entirely held, several fuel ships have finally been allowed into Yemen, and there are discussions of flights taking off from Sanaa airport for the first time in years.

The Nuclear Option

With anxiety about nuclear war looming large in the minds of people around the world, we discuss the moral and ethical questions at play when it comes to developing nuclear programs, and the case for disarmament. Hear from Negar Mortazavi, an Iranian-American journalist and political analyst who is also the host of The Iran Podcast; and Alicia McBride, Director of Quaker Leadership at the Friends Committee on National Legislation or FCNL.

Quaker Pacifism in the Context of War

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many Friends have struggled to make sense of their pacifism and the morality of their non-violent stance. While Quakers can all agree that war is not the answer and that nonviolent solutions to conflict are ideal, such moments test our values.

FCNL Starts Discerning Priorities for 118th Congress

Every two years, the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) asks Quaker communities to discern the most pressing legislative priorities for Congress. This input becomes the basis of FCNL’s advocacy work for the coming Congress.

Six Tips for Participating in FCNL’s Legislative Priorities Process

A distinctive feature of the Friends Committee on National Legislation is our practice of asking Quakers around the country to help shape our work. This input becomes the basis of FCNL’s legislative advocacy in the coming Congress. Here are six tips to help you engage successfully and faithfully with this process in your community.
Amelia Kegan speaking at Earlham College
Eric Bond

Workshops and Programs for Deepening Faith-in-Action

Through FCNL’s virtual “travel” to monthly meetings, Friends churches, and other Quaker communities, we join in meeting for worship, share messages, hear leadings and concerns, and provide spiritual and practical support to knit together Friends’ witness and FCNL’s advocacy for the world we seek. Here are just some of the ministries we offer Quaker communities and ways we can be a resource for your witness. Request a visitor to lead a program or contact us at to learn more.