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"A Marriage of the Heart and Mind"

In my role as FCNL’s Quaker Engagement intern, I had the pleasure of surveying and interviewing Friends throughout the country about their advocacy efforts and their connection to their faith. These conversations served as a way to hear from Quaker advocates in FCNL’s network, and were incredibly inspiring to me as a young person interested in social change.

In military authorization vote, Quakers claim a victory

“FCNL is one of the most well-organized and strategic advocacy teams in Washington,” Rep. Barbara Lee told RNS. “Their advocates always speak with detailed knowledge and moral clarity. I have found them to be an invaluable ally in our shared efforts to end war and advance human rights and needs.”

Saving Guilford College

Many small liberal arts colleges, like Guilford in Greensboro, NC, have been struggling financially for years. The pandemic only worsened the situation.

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Quakers and Friends are changing public policy.