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Stewarding Stillness

As we look toward the next eight decades—or even the next five years—we wonder how to remain brave and constant amid deep partisan divides, ongoing horrors of war, racism, xenophobia, and an environment in crisis. Being still during some of our most trying times has enabled us to hear, recalibrate, and think deeply, instead of being strictly reactionary.

The Lasting Trauma of Quaker Indigenous Boarding Schools

In this video, Paula discusses Friends’ role in the traumas inflicted on the indigenous peoples of North America since the arrival of European colonists—particularly in the administration of boarding schools where Native children were forced to abandon their heritage and embrace the ways of White Christian culture, where they would never be truly accepted as equals.

Ramallah Friends School Students to Congress: Prioritize Ceasefire, Protect Children’s Lives

As the crisis in Israel and Palestine deepens, the students at RFS sent the following letter to members of Congress. In it, they urge lawmakers to prioritize a ceasefire, protect the lives of innocent children, and secure humanitarian aid. They ask: “Is it justifiable for us to endure life under occupation, live in constant fear, and be haunted by the unsettling presence of settlers in our dreams?”

Persisting on the Path to Peace

In a time when war and violence appear to be on the rise across the globe, the emphasis on peacebuilding and conflict prevention is more important than ever. Read excerpts from Amelia Kegan’s rousing speech at FCNL’s 2023 Quaker Public Policy Institute & Annual Meeting.

How Quaker Testimonies Can Combat White Supremacy

Lauren Brownlee explains how the testimonies of peace, integrity, community, equity, and even stewardship can shape anti-racism practices for individual Friends and meetings. “It is important for us to hold on to the fact that white supremacy culture is ever-present in Quaker communities,” she tells us, “and our antidotes are right there, present alongside these aspects of white supremacy culture that we encounter.”

Remembering the Largest Peace Demonstration

On the 80th anniversary of FCNL and the 54th anniversary of the largest peace demonstration, we might want to recall how many of us were called to demonstrate in our nation’s capital.