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Reflections from a Poll Chaplain

Serving as a volunteer poll chaplain on Nov. 8 in my home state of Ohio was an inspiring experience. I was honored to join colleagues from Faiths United to Save Democracy across the country, particularly in highly contested states, to be a friendly presence and provide moral support at the polls.

The Winner So Far: Democracy

We may not know all the winners of the November 8 elections – or even which party will control the House and Senate — for several days, even weeks. Yet so far, the election has been a victory for the democratic process.

An Advocate's Guide to Redistricting

Every ten years, the United States Census gives an updated picture of the demographics of the country. Naturally, some states gain more people than others, which means that the representation of those states in Congress must change. 

Faith, Elections, and our Democracy

Active and informed citizen participation in the political and electoral process is essential to the proper functioning of government. - The World We Seek: FCNL Statement of Legislative Policy

Elections 2020

As Quakers, we have worked to influence government for almost as long as there have been Friends. This year, we encourage you to use the 2020 elections to talk to your neighbors about the priorities of our FCNL community, reach out to political candidates, ask them questions, and influence their agendas.