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This study guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the discussion paper Dismantling Racism and Militarism in U.S. Foreign Policy. By holding small group discussions about the issues raised in that paper, ordinary Americans can expand awareness of the harmful impacts of current U.S. foreign policy and the need for a more just and peaceful alternative. Working together at the local level, we can start building a groundswell for change.

What’s in the guide?

The study guide contains discussion modules, which provide an overall topic for discussion, a recommended reading to be completed prior to the discussion, questions for discussion, a suggested activity that can be done during or after the discussion, and some optional readings for those interested in further exploration.

Please note that there are many excellent and important educational and informational resources on these topics, and we have tried to select those that are brief (seven pages or less) and freely available on the Internet.

The Discussion Guide was published May 2022. Questions? Contact us at