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Background Translating Principles into Dollars 

The reason the budget is so interesting — and important — is because it requires the government to make real choices about our priorities and values as a country.

Update Invitation: Conference Call on Incarceration with the White House 

Time is running out for sentencing reform. As election season heats up, there are only a few months left to help the people, families, and communities affected by excessive and costly prison sentences.

Essay Questions 

for the Application for the Congressional Advocate Position

There are four essay questions on the application. We suggest that you prepare all of your answers before beginning to fill out your application on line.

Frequently Asked Questions 

on the Congressional Advocate on Native American Policy Position

Washington? Lobbying? Quakers? You might have a few questions.

Job Description 

Congressional Advocate on Native American Policy

A two-year+ professional fellowship with the Friends Committee on National Legislation

Statement FCNL Statement for House Judiciary Committee Hearing on Central American Migration 

Friends Committee on National Legislation’s Statement for the Record for the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, pertaining to its hearing: Another Surge of Illegal Immigrants along the Southwest Border: Is this the Obama Administration’s New Normal?

Update Your Advocacy Influences Congress 

Over and over again, members of Congress say that what people in their state or district want them to do is front and center to their decision-making. When staffers in 450 congressional offices were asked about the most effective lobbying strategies, overwhelmingly they identified constituent visits.

Washington Newsletter Washington Newsletter: Building Relationships with Congress 

The partnership between FCNL’s lobbyists in Washington and constituents in the district is powerful. Our staff are knowledgeable about the Washington landscape and work closely with congressional staff on Capitol Hill. But the people with the most influence on a member of Congress are their constituents.

Background Building Relationships with Congress 

When you have a decision to make, whom do you trust to give you advice? Who are the people who can convince you to do something? Chances are, the people you thought of in answer to these two questions are people you have a relationship with.

Background Why Quakers Value Process Over Outcome 

In this QuakerSpeak video, former FCNL Clerk Dorsey Green explores her experience clerking the General Committee. She explains the difference between everyone agreeing and finding the sense of the meeting.

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