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After a decade of leadership, Diane Randall will be stepping down in December 2021 as general secretary of the Friends Committee on National Legislation. We spoke with several members of the FCNL community to learn more about the legacy Diane Randall leaves behind.

Alicia McBride, FCNL director of Quaker Leadership

She saw the potential of this relatively small and obscure bunch of Quakers on Capitol Hill and picked up the vision that Joe Volk, the previous executive secretary, had: “If people knew about us, they would want to be part of this.” I think she really was able to embody that and really push FCNL in that direction in a way that it needed.

Diane Randall, Susan Nahvi, and Hannah Evans outside the Supreme Court.
Diane Randall joins FCNL staff members Susan Nahvi and Hannah Evans for a protest outside of the Supreme Court against the Muslim Ban.
Lacina Tangnaqudo Onco, former congressional advocate, Native American Advocacy Program

It was through Diane’s leadership that we were able to have the Native American Advocacy program to begin with. When I first started, she made sure to connect with me. We had lunch and we discussed just everything. She wanted to get to know me, but also to encourage any kind of future plans and goals I had for my career and for the program itself. I really appreciated that.

DeAnne Butterfield, member, FCNL’s General Committee and former Friend in Washington

Diane hired great staff. She recognized what was needed and really brought in excellent people, who then could create a communication program, create a young adult program, bring excitement to the Advocacy Teams, all of those things that were envisioned.

Jameelah Lewis, Advocacy Teams organizer and former Advocacy Corps member

My first Spring Lobby Weekend, I met Diane, and she was so sweet. She invited me to sit next to her … and I was just like, “Who is this lady?” At that time, I didn’t know who she was, [but] it was really, in essence, about Quaker spirit, which is bringing people in and across the aisle. She really noticed me in that moment, and I was seen.

That’s probably one of the reasons why I’ve kept coming back to FCNL, outside of my time with Advocacy Corps. That one good experience led to many other good experiences within FCNL.

Sue Settlage, member, FCNL General Committee

I think that Diane has made a great deal of difference in terms of diversity at FCNL, and I would give her great credit for being able to bring in people to help the whole organization move forward and understand all the traumas that have occurred. It’s hard to look at yourself and say, “What have we not done right?” She has really helped the organization do that in very positive ways.

Sergio Mata-Cisneros, former FCNL program assistant

Just seeing her commitment to investing in young adults really spoke to me through the years. And being able to see the growth of the program over the last six years, the growth of our young adult alumni network, has been enormous. FCNL has been able to open the doors to many young adults like me, and I don’t think that would have happened if it wasn’t for her commitment and her leadership.