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On Oct. 23, Sens. Christopher Coons (DE) and Mike Braun (IN) formed a bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus in the Senate. This caucus compliments the House Climate Solutions Caucus, first formed in 2016.

The Senate Climate Solutions Caucus is a bipartisan group of legislators that will meet regularly and be a place of open and honest dialogue surrounding climate change. They will discuss sustainable and economically-viable policy solutions to climate change and energy innovation. The caucus will admit an equal number of Republicans and Democrats, and will operate by unanimous consent, meaning that the caucus will act only when everyone agrees.

Emily Wirzba, Legislative Manager of Sustainable Energy and Environment at the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), stated that “For too long, partisan conflict has blocked progress to genuinely address climate change. Any path to passing federal climate legislation must include members from both parties. It’s essential that Senators from across political lines join together to foster dialogue, relationship-building, and action on this urgent issue. FCNL applauds the important leadership shown by Senators Coons and Braun and we look forward to supporting the Senate Climate Solutions Caucus in the future.”

Both Senators believe that the conversation surrounding climate change has become too toxic, and the caucus will serve as a reset so that real progress can be made to what Senator Coons characterizes as “the most pressing issues of our time.”

At FCNL, we are excited to work with the Senate Climate Solutions Caucus and be a resource as Senators engage with this important issue. We cannot pass sustainable and comprehensive solutions without the support of members from both parties. We praise Sens. Coons and Braun for their initiative in addressing climate change and their attempt to depoliticize this critical issue.

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Emily Wirzba

Emily Wirzba

Former Legislative Manager, Sustainable Energy and Environment
Emily Wirzba led FCNL’s lobbying work to achieve bipartisan recognition of climate change and action in Congress. She served as co-chair of the Washington Interreligious Staff Community’s Energy and Ecology Working Group.