Emily Wirzba

Legislative Representative, Sustainable Energy and Environment

Emily Wirzba

Emily Wirzba leads FCNL’s lobbying work to achieve bipartisan recognition of climate change and action in Congress. Emily meets with members of Congress and their staff to promote FCNL's environmental priorities. She also works closely with FCNL's network across the country to organize constituents to lobby, write, and advocate for bipartisan environmental action in Congress. She currently serves as co-chair of the Washington Interreligious Staff Community's Energy and Ecology Working Group.

While at FCNL, Emily's writing has appeared in The Hill, CNN, US News & World Report, Washington Times, OnFaith, Friends Journal, and Faith & Leadership. She was a 2016 Fellow with the New Leaders Council, which works to recruit, train and promote the next generation of progressive leaders. She was a Spring 2015 Fellow with the Clean Energy Leadership Institute, a leadership development organization that equips fellows with a strong working knowledge of energy markets and policy.

Emily graduated from Furman University in 2013 with Bachelor of Arts degrees in philosophy and political science, and a minor in poverty studies.

Prior to coming to FCNL, Emily worked for two summers at Duke University's Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, interned at Urban Ministries of Durham (a homeless shelter and service provider in North Carolina), and studied abroad in Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Cuba. She originally came to FCNL in 2013 as a Young Fellow.

Emily's academic passions are seeing where faith, ethics and policy intersect with environmental and social justice issues. She also loves running, cooking, and eating.


Articles by Emily Wirzba

Update Grassroots Action Pushes Green Deal to the Forefront  

As Washington, D.C. prepares to welcome a new Congress in January, there has been much conversation and activism surrounding a bold new climate change agenda called a Green New Deal. FCNL is excited by the momentum and elevation of the need for ambitious climate policy. We also remain committed to building up bipartisan support for climate action in the 116th Congress.

Background The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2018 

Bill Analysis of H.R. 7173

On Nov. 27, Reps. Ted Deutch (FL-22), Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-08), Francis Rooney (FL-19), John Delaney (MD-06), and Charlie Crist (FL-13) introduced H.R. 7173, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act of 2018 (EICDA). This is the first bipartisan carbon pricing bill of its kind and is an exciting advancement of Congressional efforts to price carbon emissions and reduce greenhouse gases.

Update What’s Next for the Climate Solutions Caucus? 

The recent midterm elections gave us new reasons to hope that Congress will pursue policies to curb the harmful effects of climate change. The election of new members with professional scientific backgrounds, and members who campaigned on a climate platform, brings important momentum to addressing the issue.

Update Inside the Greenhouse 

August, 2018

Inside the Greenhouse is a monthly newsletter about FCNL’s environmental work, ways to engage members of Congress, and stories that impact our work.

Action Alert Republicans Introduce Carbon Pricing Bill 

This week, something big happened for our climate. Rep. Carlos Curbelo (FL-26), along with Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-08), introduced H.R. 6463, the MARKET CHOICE Act. This is the first Republican-led effort in almost a decade to seriously address climate change.

Background A Noah's Ark for Congress 

It literally takes a Noah’s ark to change minds in Congress. Let me explain. When I started working at FCNL nearly five years ago, it was hard to find a Republican member of Congress who would talk publicly about climate change.

Background Capturing the True Cost of Carbon 

With the United States pulling out of the Paris Agreement, discussions in Congress have increased on the need for tools to mitigate the effects of climate change. Pricing carbon emissions is one such tool but it has long been politically controversial.

Background The MARKET CHOICE Act 

On Monday, July 23, 2018, Rep. Carlos Curbelo (FL-26), introduced H.R. 6463, the MARKET CHOICE Act. The first Republican-led bill in more than a decade to put a price on carbon, the MARKET CHOICE Act marks an important milestone in congressional efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change.

Update On Earth Day, Speak Out for Global Action on Climate Change 

Every Earth Day, we are reminded that all life on this planet is interconnected. We remember that the natural world is sacred and that we have a lot of work left to do to protect our ecosystems and atmosphere.

Statement FCNL Submits Comments on Clean Power Plan Repeal 

The Clean Power plan was first proposed in June 2014 and represented the most ambitious step at the federal level to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.