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FCNL Advocates Protect Critical Peacebuilding Funding

These dedicated efforts from FCNL advocates were crucial in protecting funding for peacebuilding programs that prevent conflict and atrocities worldwide. They worked together to educate Congress on the cost-effectiveness of peacebuilding, share the stories of peacebuilders working around the world, and amplify the impact of critical programs that prevent violence and heal communities.

Stewarding Stillness

As we look toward the next eight decades—or even the next five years—we wonder how to remain brave and constant amid deep partisan divides, ongoing horrors of war, racism, xenophobia, and an environment in crisis. Being still during some of our most trying times has enabled us to hear, recalibrate, and think deeply, instead of being strictly reactionary.

Investing in Local Power for Peace

Studies have shown that peacebuilding and conflict prevention is not only effective but is also cost-efficient. The Institute for Economics and Peace found that every dollar invested in peacebuilding “carries a potential $16 reduction in the cost of armed conflict.” However, U.S. support for this work has been persistently underfunded.

45 Days and a Budget to Go

Congress came to an agreement last weekend to keep the government running for 45 more days. Now, they have just over six weeks to pass spending bills that protect and invest in key peace and justice programs.

Peace doves taking flight

Peacebuilding: Frequently Asked Questions

Peacebuilding is a long-term, often generational process that addresses the underlying causes of violent conflict. It seeks to resolve injustices through nonviolent approaches.