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The Winner So Far: Democracy

We may not know all the winners of the November 8 elections – or even which party will control the House and Senate — for several days, even weeks. Yet so far, the election has been a victory for the democratic process.

Statement on the Peace Testimony and Ukraine

Quakers are a people who follow after peace, love and unity. Our peace testimony is our witness to the Truth as we experience it. We continue to support peacebuilding measures. We call on the governments of Ukraine, Russia, neighboring countries, the United States, NATO and the European Union, to explore all avenues—whether public or private—for a renewed conversation to address the human security needs of all the peoples and countries in the region, to help provide the basis for long term peace.

A Day for Non-Violence and Peace

Today marks the 2022 International Day of Peace. The United Nations General Assembly unanimously established this day in 1981 as a day of non-violence and universal cease-fire. It offers a moment each year to reflect on the state of peace in the world and recommit ourselves to building a just and non-violent global community.

On Becoming an Anti-Racist Organization

One of the tenets of Quaker faith is to always be open to new revelation, to change. Sometimes the revelation comes quickly, but more often, it comes through ongoing collective discernment.

In Syria, War is not the Answer

More than a decade after the start of the war in Syria, the United States continues to rely on military force as its primary tool of engagement. We call on the White House and Congress to end the war-based, militarized approach to terrorism and properly resource critical non-military tools that deal with the root causes of terrorism and prioritize peace.