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National Call:
> Feb. 1, 2023

Communicator Call:
> Jan. 12, 2023
> Jan. 26, 2023

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Our Focus in 2023: Invest in Robust Funding for Peacebuilding

Today, the world faces some of the highest levels of violence and more active armed conflicts than at any point since the end of World War II. Yet, the U.S. government spends only one dollar on peacebuilding for every 200 dollars that we spend on war. Lawmakers can save lives, prevent suffering, and save U.S. taxpayer dollars by investing in key peacebuilding accounts.

Lobbying Resources

Meeting face to face with your members of Congress is the single most effective way to persuade them to support an issue you care about.

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Organizing on Your Team and With Your Community

Numbers make a difference, and legislators will be more inclined to vote your way if they feel there is a groundswell of support behind your position. You can create that wave through community education.

Media Resources

Working with the media is an effective way to advocate; members of Congress pay close attention to their local media — especially when they’re mentioned by name.

Woman asks question from audience at Spring Lobby Weekend 2019
Joe Molieri