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FCNL’s advocacy is rooted in the strength and passion of Friends. From our priorities-setting process to our encouragement of Friends to embrace their change-making power, Quaker worship and grounding lies at the heart of our work.


  1. Advocacy Resource Five Ways Forward for Friends 

    Here are resources you can use guide and amplify your work as Quaker advocates. Join a community of Friends nationwide working for peace and justice.

  2. Advocacy Resource Meeting Minutes as Advocacy Tools 

    In Quaker meetings and churches, meeting minutes represent the wording of a decision or an agreed upon action to be taken by the meeting or church as a whole. FCNL recognizes the vitality of minutes as advocacy tools and as a means of communicating to members of Congress how a body of their constituents is thinking and acting on a particular issue.

  3. Work with FCNL Visiting Friends 

    When Faith and Witness Find Feet

    FCNL Visiting Friends engage with nearby meetings and churches, sharing how Quaker advocacy and FCNL can help Friends live out their own faith through action. As a Visiting Friend, you will invite Friends to take spirit-led action in meaningful and effective ways, and connect Friends with opportunities to witness for the World We Seek.

Quaker Welcome Center Event Recordings

More on Engaging Your Quaker Meeting

Event Quakers Changing Government: Past, Present, and Future 

Online | Oct. 21 at 6:30 p.m. EDT

Where does Quakers’ call to lobby for peace and justice come from? What do those origins have to say to Friends carrying their concerns into the world today?

Background Systems, Relationships, and History: Advocating for Peace Today 

Adapted from remarks delivered at the New Association of Friends Fall Gathering, September 2020.

Sept. 21 marks the International Day of Peace. What does it mean to work for peace, as our country and world face painful conflicts?

Update What Does Fierce Love Look Like?  

We asked Friends to reflect on the meaning of this year's Annual Meeting theme

These times call for love with an edge. Working for change today requires a ferocity and tenacity that colors the idea of love with the full range of its meanings. It is not passive, not necessarily nice or pretty. It is fierce.

Update On National Women’s Equality Day—Still Reaching for Our Democratic Ideals 

We are still becoming a full democracy. Not until August 26, 1920, when Congress adopted the nineteenth amendment prohibiting states from denying the right to vote on the basis of sex, could women cast a ballot.

Update FCNL Advocates Driving Change from Around the Country 

This has been a challenging season, but rather than let the ongoing health and economic crisis caused by COVID-19 demobilize our advocacy, FCNL’s network of volunteer lobbyists around the country have expanded their efforts to shape government policy in large and small ways.