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Discerning Legislative Priorities with Joy

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FCNL’s advocacy is rooted in the strength and passion of Friends. From our priorities-setting process to our encouragement of Friends to embrace their change-making power, Quaker worship and grounding lies at the heart of our work.


  1. Advocacy Resource Five Ways Forward for Friends 

    Here are resources you can use guide and amplify your work as Quaker advocates. Join a community of Friends nationwide working for peace and justice.

  2. Setting Legislative Priorities 

    116th Congress (2019-2020)

    FCNL is asking Friends from across the U.S. to help set our legislative priorities for the 116th Congress.

  3. Work with FCNL Visiting Friends 

    Visiting Friends engage with nearby meetings and churches to help nurture, connect, and energize Friends into faithful action. Come join us and be the spark that helps light the Fire within.

An invitation from Diane Randall

More on Engaging Your Quaker Meeting

Advocacy Resource Update: 88 Reps Tell Trump to Seek Authorization Before Further Escalation in Syria 

88 representatives signed letter to President Trump urging him to seek authorization from Congress before further U.S. military escalation in Syria

UPDATE: Thanks for all who called your reps to sign on! Eighty-eight members of Congress signed the Lofgren-Amash-Lee-Massie letter to President Trump, urging him to seek authorization before further escalation in Syria.

Statement Right of Refugees, Right to Demonstrate Peacefully, Right to Dignity 

A Statement of US Churches and Christian Agencies on Gaza

FCNL has joined other faith-based organizations in condemning the Israeli government’s recent violence against Palestinian civilians.

Event 2018 Blue Ridge Gathering 

April 29 in Mt. Tabor, VA

Christine Ashley, Quaker Field Secretary of Friends Committee on National Legislation, presents ways that Friends meetings can work with FCNL on legislative advocacy.

Background Members of Congress Demand Vote on Syria War 

We applaud members of Congress of both parties for calling for a constitutionally-mandated debate and vote on use of force in Syria.

Seeks Series 

A Friend in Washington Project

This Spring, an unconventional Friend in Washington joins FCNL at 205 C. St. Joey Hartmann-Dow is a Young Adult Friend from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, currently collaborating with FCNL to create a series of comic books about citizen lobbying.