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FCNL’s advocacy is rooted in the strength and passion of Friends. From our priorities-setting process to our encouragement of Friends to embrace their change-making power, Quaker worship and grounding lies at the heart of our work.


  1. Background Sustaining the Peacemaker 

    Ed Snyder posits that anger, fear, success, and guilt offer only short bursts of energy for peace and justice -- not the spiritual resources needed for a lifetime of action and advocacy.

  2. Work with FCNL Visiting Friends 

    Visiting Friends engage with nearby meetings and churches to help nurture, connect, and energize Friends into faithful action. Come join us and be the spark that helps light the Fire within.

  3. Work with FCNL Meeting Contacts 

    FCNL's grassroots network includes hundreds of Quaker meetings and churches around the country.

  4. Advocacy Resource Letter Writing Project 

    Here are some ideas to help you organize letter writing sessions at your meeting, church or group or to encourage Friends to write at home.

Order Love Thy Neighbor Materials

Join the #LoveThyNeighbor campaign to encourage positive rhetoric and highlight the value we place on one another.

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More on Engaging Your Quaker Meeting

Advocacy Resource Meet with Congress for the First Time 

Spend just 15 minutes a week learning the skills that will prepare you for effective advocacy. By the end of the online training (February 28-April 21), you’ll be ready to go on your first lobby visit with your member of Congress’s office.

Statement Congressman Blumenauer Memorializes David Culp 

Congressman Earl Blumenauer (OR) entered this statement into the record honoring the life and work of David Culp, who advocated for nuclear disarmament as an FCNL lobbyist for nearly two decades.

Update Quaker Power and Light 

This is our time to speak truth to power. This is our time to invest in ourselves and our advocacy tools and skills, so that we can best support our most vulnerable communities. It is time to organize.

Action Alert We Stand with Immigrants and Refugees 

President Trump's executive orders instate an extreme enforcement-only immigration policy and gut the refugee resettlement program.

Update #ProtectOurCare: Don't Repeal Obamacare Without Replacement  

Congress is moving quickly to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). While the ACA isn’t a perfect law, any plan to repeal it without a comprehensive replacement in the same legislation is dangerous.