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Our Work

FCNL’s advocacy is rooted in the strength and passion of Friends. From our priorities-setting process to our encouragement of Friends to embrace their change-making power, Quaker worship and grounding lies at the heart of our work.


  1. Living With Disquiet 

    Where do the most vulnerable, oppressed, suppressed, and violated fit in to Congress’ picture of this nation and her people?

  2. Work with FCNL Visiting Friends 

    Visiting Friends engage with nearby meetings and churches to help nurture, connect, and energize Friends into faithful action. Come join us and be the spark that helps light the Fire within.

  3. Work with FCNL Meeting Contacts 

    FCNL's grassroots network includes hundreds of Quaker meetings and churches around the country.

  4. Advocacy Resource Letter Writing Project 

    Here are some ideas to help you organize letter writing sessions at your meeting, church or group or to encourage Friends to write at home.

More on Engaging Your Quaker Meeting

Event Bombs, the blockade, and the humanitarian crisis in Yemen 

February 22, 4:30-6:00 PM

The UN describes Yemen as having one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world today.

Event Training: Fostering Diverse Voices for Climate Action 

February 10, 2018 in Philadelphia, PA

The Union of Concerned Scientists and the Friends Committee on National Legislation invite you to an in-person training on how to be a climate change advocate in your community.

Action Alert Protect the Iran deal from sabotage 

President Trump announced Friday that he will waive the sanctions required by the Iran nuclear agreement.

Background US Military and Intel Officials Highlight Benefits of Iran Deal 

Iran is complying with the JCPOA, helping to keep the United States out of war.

Event Discerning Priorities with Joy! 

January 25, 2018 Conference Call

Join FCNL's Christine Ashley and Friends from Field Committee to learn how Quakers will shape FCNL's legislative work in 2018-2019 -- and how you can participate.