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In a world marked by complexities and division, the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) stands as a beacon of hope and a steadfast advocate for change. Our vision, firmly rooted in Quaker faith and practice, guides our unwavering commitment to building a future that is fundamentally different from the present—a world where the specter of war is replaced by lasting peace, where equity and justice extend to every corner of society, where the boundless potential of every individual is realized, and where the Earth itself is revitalized and thriving.

At FCNL, our mission is not just a statement, but a call to action—a prophetic Quaker witness that we strive to live out daily. We dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of a peaceful, just, and healthy planet. We do so through a multifaceted approach that combines education, passionate advocacy, and grassroots engagement. We understand that change requires both vision and action, and we stand as a bridge between the two, striving to turn ideals into tangible realities.

The need for people of faith and moral grounding to lead our communities and country toward a more peaceful, just, and sustainable future—a future we can all share—has never been clearer. FCNL is acutely aware of the pressing need for change, and we recognize that our actions today will shape the course of tomorrow.

Change is not only possible but imperative, especially given the existential threats our world faces. We commit to working collaboratively within and beyond the FCNL community to navigate the complex terrain of policy change. Together we will use honest dialogue, deep listening, practical collaboration, and determination to build a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world. We are inspired by the strength, resilience, and the unwavering commitment of individuals like you who share our vision. 

The challenges are great, but so is our faith. With persistence, hope, and the guidance of Spirit, we are ready to chart a path forward toward a brighter, more equitable, and harmonious future.

The FCNL 2024-2028 Strategic Plan

This five-year plan is not merely a document; it is a strategic commitment to the future. In a world marked by rapid change and unpredictability, this plan serves as a compass to guide our way. It will enable us to stay the course when needed and to bravely chart new paths when those are needed to realize our vision of the world we seek.

1. Strengthen FCNL’s nonpartisan influence among federal policymakers in a highly partisan environment to build  democracy and advance policies for the world we seek.

Key strategies:

  • Expand and increase participation and engagement of FCNL constituents in in-person, DC-based advocacy.
  • Build stronger relationships directly with members of Congress through strategic grasstops investments and direct staff lobbying.
  • Position FCNL among federal policy- makers as a sought-after non-partisan faith advocacy organization.
  • Partner with organizations that share FCNL’s goals to bridge political divides.
2. Transform FCNL’s grassroots advocacy network into a powerful, diverse, strategic, and intergenerational movement to advance  federal legislation in service of the world we seek. 

Key strategies:

  • Develop intergenerational lobbying opportunities within the advocacy program by strengthening FCNL’s alumni network and increasing its campus presence.
  • Strategically build advocacy networks in key states and districts, including creating regional field organizers.
  • Implement a a program for base- building, retention, and constituent leadership development.
  • Foster diverse engagement by recruiting from a range of constituencies, united by shared values, across ideologies, identities, faiths, and geography.
3. Advance policy changes through prophetic narratives using strategic communications that reach more people and shape decision-making.

Key strategies:

  • Increase FCNL’s media presence by using a diverse set of tools for specific audiences, including social media, texting, videos, and user-generated content.
  • Elevate FCNL as the “go-to” voice on priority policy issues through original thought pieces, highlighting expertise of lobbyists, and through other strategic communications tools.
  • Empower grassroots advocates to share their stories through local media training and by systematically collecting and distributing them.
  • Expand the slogan “Love Thy Neighbor, No Exceptions” as a central counter-narrative and campaign to reach a broader public audience.
4. Foster beloved community by integrating anti-racism,  anti-bias, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (AJEDI) throughout all our efforts.

Key strategies:

  • Provide a framework to boldly live out FCNL’s AJEDI commitments internally and externally, with consistency and integrity.
  • Increase a sense of belonging across the FCNL community and strengthen a shared culture among staff, governance, volunteers, and the network through trainings, intentional practices, and transparency across the organization.
  • Through deep listening and active engagement, cultivate authentic relationships with communities that are impacted by government policies and act in solidarity to meet their urgent needs.
  • Create sustainable systems of assessments and accountability to measure FCNL’s progress and commitment in building our beloved community.
5. Restructure and boldly resource FCNL to support current needs and future capacities.

Key strategies:

  • Resource the organization to enable reasonable staff workloads; ensure strong financial management, and cultivate high employee satisfaction.
  • Reimagine FCNL’s governance structures to better support the fullness of FCNL’s mission and growth with integrity and simplicity.
  • Conduct a successful comprehensive fundraising campaign that expands FCNL’s resource base and increases unrestricted lobbying income.
  • Ensure facilities and infrastructure meet organizational needs, optimize hybrid work environments, and enhance the use of appropriate information technology.

Our Core Values Guide Our Work

These core values are integrally intertwined and intended to provide focus and guidance for enacting FCNL’s vision and mission. Our values also serve as reminders of the deeper spiritual principles underpinning our legislative priorities and relationship-based approach to changing the world.

Radically Love: Love thy neighbor, no exceptions. Faithfully build relationships, across even deep divides. We trust that in embracing the creative potential of differences and nonviolent conflict, the world we seek can emerge.

Pursue Peace: Knowing that there is that of God in all people, we adamantly oppose war and actively work to build peace. We advocate for legislation that takes  away any occasion for violence and militarism.

Uphold Justice: With a steadfast commitment to the inherent equality of all persons, we work to dismantle systems of oppression that deny people of their  inherent dignity and their ability to thrive.

Embody Stewardship: Recognizing the sacredness of the earth and the interdependence of all beings inhabiting it, we seek to restore right relationship with our endangered environment and one another.

Collaborate: We invite conversation and cooperative action across a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience, with a special emphasis on the perspectives of those who are marginalized or most impacted.

Persevere: We work over an extended period of time  on policies and ideas that align with the FCNL mission and vision, even if they are not popular or seem unlikely to succeed in the short term. We are faithful to the leadings of Spirit that call FCNL towards an area of work, trusting that Way will open even if we do not yet see it.

Act with Integrity: We consistently approach everyone we encounter with respect, honesty, and compassion,  and follow through on any commitments we make.

The 2024-2028 FCNL Strategic Plan: Towards the World We Seek was approved by the General Committee during its Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., Nov. 19, 2023.


Our Vision

We seek a world free of war and the threat of war.

We seek a society with equity and justice for all.

We seek a community where every person’s potential may be fulfilled.

We seek an earth restored.

Our Mission

Friends Committee on National  Legislation (FCNL) lives a prophetic Quaker vision for a peaceful, just, and healthy planet through education,  lobbying, and grassroots advocacy to shape national policy.