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We support openness to refugees, victims of violence, and human trafficking and those seeking asylum. The immigration policies we envision will allow people to migrate to the United States regardless of their wealth or skill levels, to preserve their families’ unity, to change their places of employment and to apply for lawful permanent status and eventual citizenship.

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Statement FCNL Opposes House Anti-Refugee Legislation 

Based on our commitment to honoring human dignity and assisting those experiencing hardship, FCNL opposes H.R. 2826 and all other policy proposals that would undermine refugee resettlement.

Background Why the Paris Decision Matters, No Matter What Issue You Care About  

On June 1, President Trump announced his decision to withdraw the United Stated from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Paris Agreement.

Statement FCNL Opposes Bill Limiting Access to Asylum 

On June 14, the House Judiciary Committee is marking up a bill misnamed the Protection of Children Act (H.R. 495) which would make children and asylum seekers more vulnerable and decrease meaningful access to the asylum process. Read FCNL's statement of opposition for the record.

Statement FCNL Welcomes 9th Circuit Decision Upholding Block of Muslim and Refugee Ban 

As an organization committed to making the United States a more open, welcoming place, FCNL is heartened by the 9th Circuit's decision to maintain the block of President Trump's executive order barring refugees and individuals from six Muslim-majority countries.

Update FCNL Condemns ACT for America Anti-Muslim Protests 

As the Islamophobic hate group ACT for America organizes anti-Muslim protests to be held across the country on June 10th, FCNL condemns this demonstration of religious bias and urges local communities to reaffirm their commitment to welcoming people of all faiths and backgrounds.

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