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We support openness to refugees, victims of violence, and human trafficking and those seeking asylum. The immigration policies we envision will allow people to migrate to the United States regardless of their wealth or skill levels, to preserve their families’ unity, to change their places of employment and to apply for lawful permanent status and eventual citizenship.

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Update Trump's Executive Order on Family Separation, Explained 

On June 20, President Trump issued an executive order that would purportedly prevent families from being separated at the border. But what does it really do?

Press Release Quaker Lobby Calls on Congress to Resettle More Refugees 

Washington, DC (June 20, 2018) – On World Refugee Day, the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) calls on Congress to uphold its commitment to welcoming refugees and individuals seeking asylum.

Statement World Refugee Day Opening Remarks 

WASHINGTON, DC - In commemoration of World Refugee Day, Rep. Ted W. Lieu (D-Los Angeles County) will join Members of Congress, Minnesota State Rep. Ilhan Omar, refugees and faith leaders to talk about Congress’s bipartisan commitment to welcome and protect refugees.

Letter Marking World Refugee Day, FCNL Urges Increased Refugee Resettlement 

FCNL joined over 30 organizations throughout the month of June, urging members of Congress every day to call for the administration to value refugees and their contributions to U.S. communities.

Letter Interfaith Immigration Coalition Urges Members to Vote No on House Immigration Bills 

Members of the Interfaith Immigration Coalition, which FCNL co-chairs, sent this letter to the House urging them to reject both immigration bills being considered this week.

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