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‘It’s really up to those groups out there like the Friends Committee that are pressing for diplomatic, peaceful solutions to big problems to step up and raise their voice, because in their absence, the military solution will win all the time.’

Sen. Chris Murphy (CT), in an interview with FCNL
Young adults at SLW 2018.
Jennifer Domenick

Ending U.S. Support for the War in Yemen

Bringing congressional attention to U.S. complicity in the Saudi-led war in Yemen. Led by the more than 2,000 Advocacy Team members across the country, FCNL helped drive efforts to end support for the Saudi-led coalition responsible for a massive humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Bipartisan resolutions in both the House and Senate called for an end to unauthorized U.S. support of the war. Although U.S. support for the Saudis continues, momentum continues to build in opposition.

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Addressing the Legacy of Indian Boarding Schools

Quakers were among those who collaborated with the U.S. government in the 19th and 20th centuries to run schools intended to “assimilate” Native children into white society. Now, FCNL is focusing on building congressional support for bipartisan legislation to establish a Truth and Healing Commission to uncover what took place. This legislation has been the focus of the young organizers in the 2022–23 Advocacy Corps.

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Advancing Environmental Justice and Addressing Climate Change

FCNL was part of nearly two years of advocacy resulting in far-reaching climate legislation becoming law. The Inflation Reduction Act (P. L.117-169) puts the United States on the path to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% in the next eight years. This bill, along with the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (P. L. 117-58), increases investment in supporting communities most impacted by pollution.

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Spring Lobby Weekend 2019 particpants walking between lobby visits in the U.S. Senate
Joe Molieri

“I often mention FCNL as the most effective congressional advocacy group. You and your team do fabulous work. We are thankful for your dedication, determination and impact.”

Joe Cirincione, Former President, Ploughshares Fund

Compensating for Nuclear Testing Exposure

A program to compensate people exposed to radiation through U.S. nuclear tests, so-called “downwinders,” was set to expire in July 2022. FCNL worked to secure passage of legislation to extend the program for two years and to broaden the eligibility to include additional states affected by the more than 200 above-ground nuclear tests the United States conducted in the 1940s.

We also continue to advocate for diplomacy and peacebuilding to bring about a just solution to the war in Ukraine.

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Lobbying for Justice Reform at Spring Lobby Weekend

Hundreds of young adult advocates from around the United States brought a clear and compelling message to Congress at Spring Lobby weekend 2023: interrupt violence by investing in programs to make our communities safer! We heard from powerful speakers about community-based efforts to build peace. We discussed the stories we bring to our advocacy, practiced how to lobby, and learned about our policy ask: urging Congress to make our communities safer by dedicating at least $20 million in federal funding for violence interrupters in the FY2024 appropriations bill.

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“We never would have gotten those repeals [of the 2001 and 2002 Authorizations for the Use of Military Force] through the House if it weren’t for you.”

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), addressing advocates at FCNL’s Quaker Public Policy Institute, November 2019
Members of FCNL's Advocacy Corps with Rep. Barbara Lee
Varsylia James

Shifting the Narrative for Peace

Through the Dismantling Racism and Militarism in U.S. Foreign Policy project,  FCNL’s Diana Ohlbaum and Salih Booker from the Center for International Policy took apart the “racism-militarism paradigm” that sees the world in a rigid racial hierarchy and embraces militarism as the most effective way to maintain social order. Through expert consultations and community discussion, FCNL is advancing efforts to dismantle these systems.

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Strengthening Our Democracy

FCNL is working to reduce partisanship, transform relationships, and promote substantive policy change to strengthen our democracy and address the root causes of division and partisanship in our country. Political polarization and entrenched systems of oppression threaten U.S. democracy, as well as FCNL’s advocacy and effective government equipped to respond to the challenges of our country and world.

FCNL brings its 80 years of experience in nonpartisan, relationship-based advocacy. It is uniquely placed to strengthen cooperative, nonpartisan civic engagement and build bridges across political divisions to advance policy solutions.

We are deepening bipartisan relationships with Congress by drawing on the skills of our grassroots advocates in deep listening. We are also building new partnerships with networks such as Braver Angels, Faiths United to Save Democracy, and the TRUST Network.

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Group photo from our Advocacy Teams Summit at Annual Meeting 2018
Jennifer Domenick

“I couldn’t have imagined six years ago when I started to learn about deep advocacy from FCNL how natural and easy all of this communication could feel with offices. … I’ve learned that [congressional staff] really do appreciate polite, persistent, well-informed, respectful advocacy, and even that they rely on hearing from us once they come to know us in this way.”

Sara Avery, Boulder (CO) Advocacy Team member