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Lobby from Home

Congress needs to hear your voice. Now is the time to lobby “virtually” via your home phone or computer!

Meet with Congress

Going on a lobby visit may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. We break down what to do into 6 steps and give you resources to make the most of your meeting.

Write Effective Emails

Do emails to Congress work? Personalized emails are a critical part of strategic advocacy for the policies you care about.

Letters to the Editor

Publishing letters to the editor and op-eds is a great way to get the attention of your members of Congress. But first, you need to write a piece that tells your story – not just the facts.

Legislative Asks

Your meetings with Congress are most effective when you focus on one clear, legislative ask. Identify the issue you would like to lobby on from the resources below and use that as a starting point for your next lobby visit!

If you want to know the best legislative ask based on your members of Congress, contact us at

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Connect with FCNL’s Organizing Team

Our strategic advocacy team is here to support you. Contact us at with any questions or if you’re ready to lobby.