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Art of families together.

Immigration Reform. Justice for Immigrants. Migrant Protections. The world of immigrants rights uses many—often interchangeable—assertions to name the dignity owed to migrating individuals.

FCNL has grounded our advocacy in support of immigrant communities as part of our broader mission to advance peace and justice. In the case of the original Immigration and Refugee Program, FCNL began with the understanding of the Divine value of every human being and developed a program that intended to upend an immigration system rooted in militaristic, imperialistic, and racist structures.

But how do we capture that moral calling?

A program evolves, not just by assessing strategies, partnerships, achievements, or messaging, but through its framing of the work. Over time, one could say the Immigration and Refugee program experienced spirit-led discernment.

It was a process that started with unpacking the heart of FCNL’s immigrant-related work and leading to the inclusive designation today: Migration Policy.

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