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Update 75 Years After Hiroshima, Congress Must Speak Plainly About the Suffering Wrought by Nuclear Weapons 

Fifty years after she survived the American nuclear attack on Nagasaki on Aug. 9, 1945, Sachiko Yasui recalled what happened when the bomb went off as she played with four other children in the road near her house:

Advocacy Resource Advocacy Corps Toolkit  

Resource Page for Advocacy Corps Organizers

Welcome Advocacy Corps! This year you will be working to organize your local communities around immigration reform. Here are the tools you need:

Event Teaching Advocacy 

Watch the Recording

Children and young adults are heading back to school amid enormous challenges and questions about the health of our democracy. How are they learning to be effective advocates and changemakers as part of their education?

Update Advocates are Calling on Congress to Demilitarize Policing: Here’s the Next Step 

The militarization of police is a key factor in the policing crisis we face today. Congress has opportunities to reform the 1033 program this year and limit the Department of Defense’s practice of transferring surplus military grade equipment to local police departments.

Update Sen. McConnell’s COVID-19 Relief Package is Woefully Inadequate 

As expanded unemployment benefits and eviction moratoriums expire, Senate leadership released a package of multiple bills to address the economic fallout from COVID-19. The package falls dramatically short and fails to address the unprecedented need experienced by many throughout the country.

Update 5 Wins for Diplomacy in the House-Passed Funding Package 

Last week the House passed a mini-spending package for FY2021 that included $65.9 billion for diplomacy and foreign assistance. In passing this spending package (H.R. 7608) the House has once again rejected President Trump’s proposed cuts to diplomacy, development, and peacebuilding.

Background New Organizers Push for Immigration Reform 

FCNL is proud to introduce the 2020-2021 Advocacy Corps. These 20 young people will advocate for immigration reform from August 2020 to May 2021. The organizers will engage their local communities, build relationships with members of Congress, and advance FCNL’s work towards peace and justice.

Background The Pipelines of Police Militarization 

One of the keys to reforming police is to turn off the pipelines that are fueling the growing militarization of local enforcement agencies.

Background Quakers, Race, and Police Brutality 

Friends across the country are speaking out against racism and police violence. Here, we excerpt some of the minutes and statements that they have shared with us.

Background Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement  

Adopted by the FCNL General Committee in 2015

At FCNL, we embrace having a multitude of voices and talents working together to strengthen our impact in the world. In keeping with the Quaker testimony of equality, we strive to be an organization that welcomes, values, and respects the different perspectives of every individual.

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