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Update One Year On: Immigrant Families Still Looking for Solutions 

One year ago, FCNL staff were wrapping up a vibrant Annual Meeting, spirits high after being surrounded by over 400 Quakers and advocates who sought to have public policy match up with Quaker values. During the opening plenary session on November 20, 2014, President Obama simultaneously announced his plan to help immigrant families in need, in the absence of congressional action.

Update Refugees, Faith, and Action 

How do we respond to fear with the power of Love? How do we get beyond the rhetoric and hate speech to act in a way that starts to transform us and our neighbors? How do we live our faith through action?

Update Paris, Beirut, and Syria 

The temptation to react to violence with fear and more violence is strong. The recent terror attacks in Paris and Beirut are tragic and demand a response. But a response based on fear will not lead to security or peace. A response based on fear can lead to the sacrifice of the very freedoms we cherish.

Letter Religious Leaders to Congress: Welcome Syrian Refugees from ALL Faiths 

Letter from over 400 faith leaders and leaders of faith-based organizations calling on Congress to welcome refugees from Syria regardless of religion.

Statement The Moral Imperative to Welcome Refugees 

Today the global community faces the worst refugee crisis since World War II, with upwards of 60 million people displaced worldwide. Syrian refugees alone, either internally displaced or seeking resettlement, total approximately 12 million.

Background Immigrants and Refugees 

The United States derives much of its strength and character from the many peoples who have built it.

Letter 162 National and Local Organizations Call on the Administration to Welcome Syrian Refugees 

We, the undersigned organizations, write to you today with urgent recommendations for how the United States should respond to the spiraling refugee crisis in the Middle East that is now overflowing to Europe and beyond.

Letter Faith Community Opposes Arizona Borderlands Bill 

National and regional organizations and Arizona-based faith leaders representing thousands of people and communities of faith, urge members of Congress to oppose S. 750, the Arizona Borderlands Protection and Preservation Act. S. 750 does exactly the opposite of what its name implies.

Update No Place [to Call] Home for the Holidays 

Last week, members of Congress finished the pertinent business to avoid a government shutdown, packed their bags and headed home for an extended winter break - but as I prepare to do the same, I am paralyzed by the thought of the refugee women and children who are spending this season unnecessarily locked up in family detention centers.

Letter FCNL Opposes New Detention Center in Dilley, TX 

A letter from 168 organizations opposing the establishment of a new family detention center in Dilley, TX.

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