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Protestor holds "Climate Justice Now" sign
Markus Spiske

There’s a lot of climate and energy news out there. Inside the Greenhouse is here to help you sort through it all. Every month, we highlight the most significant developments in Congress and beyond on the climate crisis, clean energy, environmental justice, and more. 

From carbon pricing to solar and wind energy, we’re keeping tabs on the climate policies that matter most to you. We’ll also provide you with a monthly action, so that you can join thousands of other climate advocates in calling for a more green and sustainable future. 

April 2024: Inside the Greenhouse

With climate experts forecasting that these extreme heat events will grow more frequent and intense, we need urgent action to protect vulnerable communities worldwide.

March 2024: Inside the Greenhouse

As the world’s highest environmental decision-making body, the United Nations Environment Assembly focused on strengthening multilateral cooperation to address climate change, nature loss, and pollution.

February 2024: Inside the Greenhouse

The world’s capacity to generate renewable electricity is expanding faster than ever! This good news puts the world closer to achieving the goal set at the COP28 to triple global renewable energy capacity by 2030.

January 2024: Inside the Greenhouse

With COP28, the most recent U.N. climate conference, in the rearview mirror, FCNL is getting to work in 2024—a year many experts are already dubbing “the year of international climate assistance.”

December 2023: Inside the Greenhouse

Delegates at the 28th annual U.N. climate conference agreed to launch the Loss and Damage Fund, a historic initiative to support vulnerable countries facing the worst impacts of climate change.

November 2023: Inside the Greenhouse

The House has finally selected a new speaker. With government funding due to run out on Nov. 17, Congress once again needs to move quickly to avoid a shutdown. With appropriations debates now heating up again, your voice is needed to make sure international climate assistance isn’t cut from the FY 24 budget.

October 2023: Inside the Greenhouse

We are now entering crunch time. Our advocacy for international climate assistance for our neighbors in developing countries is critical as Congress seeks to finalize the appropriations process.

September 2023: Inside the Greenhouse

For this month’s edition of Inside the Greenhouse, I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself and our new program assistant, Carla Montilla, and ask for your feedback on how our climate team can best engage with you in a short survey below.

July 2023: Inside the Greenhouse

Earlier this month, sixteen young people in Montana brought the state’s first constitutional climate lawsuit, Held v. Montana. As we await the court’s decision, one fact is clear: Young people are on the frontlines of the environmental crisis. Our anxiety over the climate crisis is justified and should be considered when authorizing critical energy investments.