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May 2022: Inside the Greenhouse

Lawmakers Renew Bipartisan Energy and Climate Talks 

In the last two weeks, Sens. Joe Manchin (WV) and Lisa Murkowski (AK) hosted conversations to discuss the potential of a bipartisan energy bill. Seven Democrats and four Republican senators attended the latest meeting to discuss what types of provisions could garner bipartisan support.

April 2022: Inside the Greenhouse

President Joe Biden recently announced that he would use the Defense Production Act (DPA) to expand and accelerate the mining of critical minerals and materials needed to build a clean energy economy.

February 2022: Inside the Greenhouse

Since his December announcement opposing the House-passed Build Back Better Act, negotiations with Sen. Joe Manchin (WV) have been stalled. However, there may still be a pathway forward to pass a version of Build Back Better—one that contains significant climate provisions.

January 2022: Inside the Greenhouse

December proved to be disappointing to climate change policy advocates as progress on the Build Back Better Act (BBB) stalled. The bill contains extensive provisions to address the climate crisis. With the holidays over, lawmakers are continuing to negotiate the size and scope of this potentially transformational legislation.

December 2021: Inside the Greenhouse

The House passed the Build Back Better Act on Nov. 19. In a victory for climate advocates, all of the climate provisions mentioned in last month’s newsletter made it into the House version of the bill.

October 2021: Inside the Greenhouse

The initial draft of the recovery package will be revised and slimmed down before a vote in the full House and Senate. As Congress decides what policies to prioritize, we need to keep the pressure to ensure the legislation includes bold climate provisions, including the Clean Electricity Performance Program.

September 2021: Inside the Greenhouse

The month of August is normally a quiet time on Capitol Hill, as members of Congress return to their home states for the Congressional Recess. This August, however, was busy with lawmakers working to advance infrastructure and climate-focused legislation.

August 2021: Inside the Greenhouse

The White House recently issued guidelines for its Justice40 initiative. It seeks to direct at least 40% of all benefits from federal energy and environmental spending to disadvantaged communities.