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Update President Obama Will Dismantle NSEERS, Making a Muslim Registry Harder to Create 

A national religious registry of Muslims sets the stage for violence and further discrimination. Such a registry runs contrary to our nation’s promise of religious liberty - and yet, its basic structure already exists.

Update BRIDGE Act Crucial Step for Protecting Dreamers 

This bi-partisan legislation protects certain immigrants who were brought to the United States as children.

Letter 22 Senators Show Their Support for Refugee Resettlement 

This week, more than twenty senators signed a letter urging appropriators to fully fund our nation's refugee resettlement program for the upcoming year. This funding is necessary to ensure that our government can continue to provide services for refugees already in this country, as well as for individuals and families yet to arrive.

Press Release FCNL Applauds Homeland Security Advisory Council Vote Urging a Reduction of Privatized Detention 

A strong majority of Homeland Security Advisory Council members voted to phase out private prisons, in a surprising dissent from the group’s draft recommendation to continue DHS use of private prisons.

FCNL in the News Fair Immigration Reform 

Most Americans agree that our current immigration system is broken and in need of serious, permanent changes. Unfortunately, deadlock in Congress has halted any progress on this serious issue.

Background No Religious Registry Act (H.R. 6382) 

See the text of this legislation.

Letter 197 Organizations Call on President Obama to Rescind NSEERS 

Members of President-elect Trump's transition team have suggested that the Trump administration might reinstate NSEERS, a discriminatory system that functioned as a registry for Muslim immigrants. In this letter, FCNL and nearly 200 other organizations ask President Obama to take action to ensure that this does not happen.

Background Loving Our Neighbors Now 

The election revealed our pain and brokenness as a country. With so much division, hurt, and anger, it is difficult to look for that of God in each other. What does it mean to love our neighbors now?

Press Release FCNL Calls for Immigrant Detention Policy Changes 

FCNL joined 230 organizations in rebuking the record level rates of immigrant detention and demanding the Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson implement direly needed policy changes.

FCNL in the News Focus on Campus: Comprehensive Immigration Reform 

Hannah Evans and El Paso Advocacy Corps organizer Brenda Luna Bravo speak with KTEP public radio on the importance of constituent engagement for compassionate, bipartisan immigration reform.

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