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Advocacy Resource Influence Local Media 

Newspapers in your area can influence policymakers and your community. Building a relationship with reporters and the editorial board of your local newspapers can help change or amplify their coverage of an issue you care about.

Advocacy Resource Who's Who in Congressional Offices 

Often, the staff in congressional offices will be your greatest allies in effecting policy change. Certain staff members are especially important for advocacy and setting up meetings.

Advocacy Resource Using Follow Up to Build Relationships with Congress 

Learn how follow up with congressional offices can be a tool to deepen relationships.

Advocacy Resource Advocacy Teams Toolkit 

Advocacy Teams can find lobbying, media, and organizing resources and report back on their work.

Advocacy Resource Bird Dogging Guide 

Asking questions in an election season is an important way to make your voice heard. Here are tips for making your question effective.

Advocacy Resource Letter Writing Project 

Here are some ideas to help you organize letter writing sessions at your meeting, church or group or to encourage Friends to write at home.

Advocacy Resource Interview: Ruth Flower on Lobbying 

Ruth Flower came to Quakerism and lobbying at virtually the same time because of a sense of justice and respect for people. She began lobbying as a volunteer with the Friends Committee on Legislation in California and came to Washington in the early 1980s to advocate for military spending cuts and investment in domestic programs.

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