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December 2019

By Alicia Cannon, December 5, 2019

Inside the Greenhouse is a monthly newsletter about FCNL’s environmental work, ways to engage members of Congress, and stories that impact our work.

Legislators Introduce Clean Economy Bill

Over 150 original co-sponsors introduced the 100% Clean Economy Act of 2019 (H.R. 5221) in the House on Nov. 21. The bill sets a national goal of achieving net-zero carbon pollution across all sectors of the U.S. economy by 2050. It would ensure that such a transition fosters economic, environmental, and racial justice across the country.

FCNL and 17 other faith organizations expressed support for the bill.

Advancing Clean Energy Tax Credits

The inclusion of green energy tax credits in a year-end spending package is the best chance to meaningfully lower greenhouse gas emissions in the 116th Congress. Last June, the House Ways and Means Committee passed a tax package that did not include any green energy provisions. In response, FCNL and 17 other faith organizations sent a letter in September asking members of Congress to prioritize clean energy tax incentives as they advance tax policy.

On Nov. 19, the House Ways and Means Committee released a draft of the Growing Renewable Energy and Efficiency Now (GREEN) Act, which includes tax credits for energy storage, energy efficiency, offshore wind, environmental justice, and much more. This is a promising step, and we will continue to build momentum to ensure that clean energy tax credits are included in must-pass appropriations legislation before the end of the year!

There are nine senators in the Climate Solutions Caucus

News and Updates

Welcome Sen. Rubio to the Climate Solutions Caucus!
Sen. Marco Rubio (FL) is the latest addition to the bipartisan climate solutions caucus, which was formed in October.

COP25 Starts in Madrid
The 25th Conference of Parties (COP25), a two-week U.N. summit dedicated to addressing climate change, kicked off on Dec. 2. The event is the only forum on the climate crisis in which all countries carry equal weight in decision-making. Learn more about the summit.

Faith Community Opposes Methane Rule Reversal
FCNL was one of 10 faith organizations to sign a public comment opposing new amendments to federal methane regulations. The changes would allow oil and gas companies to control leaks of methane from new wells, storage facilities and pipelines. If adopted, this reversal would result in the release of 370,000 more tons of methane annually.

The Human Cost of Climate Disruption
I teamed up with another FCNL Young Fellow, Karla Molinar-Arvizo, to discuss the connection between the worsening climate crisis and the displacement of vulnerable individuals across the world. Read the full article.

Coalition Establishes Carbon Pricing Principles
FCNL joined an interfaith coalition of 20 organizations in drafting principles on carbon pricing. We believe that these principles can help guide policymakers as they work to advance climate legislation.

Emily Wirzba Speaks at Carbon Pricing Panel
FCNL’s Emily Wirzba spoke at the Citizens’ Climate Lobby conference in November about our work on carbon pricing. Watch Emily’s remarks, and check out our carbon pricing comparison chart and carbon pricing principles!

Constituent Spotlight
Remember the Tandem Friends School students who successfully lobbied Rep. Denver Riggleman (VA-5) to join the Climate Solutions Caucus in September? Last month, Rep. Riggleman visited the students to answer all their climate questions and help them study for a history test.

Rep. Denver Riggleman (VA-5) met with Tandem Friends School students in Charlottesville.

Rep. Riggleman with Tandem Friends School students. Alicia Cannon / FCNL

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Alicia Cannon

  • Program Assistant, Sustainable Energy and Environment

Alicia is the Program Assistant for Sustainable Energy and Environment. She advocates for the preservation of the environment, recognition of climate change, and the enactment of legislation that promotes sustainable solutions to our current climate crisis. She meets members of Congress on both sides of the aisle to promote FCNL’s environmental policy.