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Carbon Pricing Legislation Comparisons

August 20, 2019

Several different bills to put a price on carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions have been introduced in the 116th Congress. This chart provides a detailed, side-by-side comparison of bills under consideration in the House and senate.

We sourced this information from the text of the bills, from briefings and press statements released by congressional offices, and from independent economic analyses. We will update our comparison chart as new analyses are released on the bills – noting that using different modeling methods can lead to different emissions reduction projections.

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Carbon Pricing Comparison (Pt. 1)

Carbon Pricing Comparison Pt. 2

Carbon Pricing Comparison Pt. 3

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Background Carbon Pricing as a Solution to Climate Change 

FCNL believes that carbon pricing is one of many essential tools that Congress should use to address climate change and shift towards a clean energy economy. While we have not endorsed any particular bill at this time, we are supportive overall of the efforts from both parties to advance carbon pricing legislation. We hope that the below resources will help our network advocate for just climate policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote equitable communities.