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Early this year, Hassan El-Tayyab returned to Ramallah Friends School in the West Bank. In talking with students, he asked them if they support a ceasefire in Gaza and their hopes for Palestine. Their interviews were recorded and can be viewed on Instagram.

Hassan El-Tayyab at Ramallah Friends School

Mira, Grade 6

“I support the ceasefire because each child must have the right to live in peace and freedom. The ceasefire will preserve the innocent lives of children. Not to mention half of the population in Gaza are children.”

Serena, Grade 7

“I support a ceasefire in Gaza because over 70% of the homes there have been bombed, and millions of people have been displaced from their homes in just a span of over 100 days. My hopes and dreams for the future are to see Palestine free and to be able to see all the children reunited with their families.”

Jesed, Grade 6

“I support the ceasefire because it’s been past a hundred days. People are suffering with no food, water to drink, or any healthcare. It’s sad seeing their demolished house and them getting cold because of the weather. So please, I want a ceasefire.”

Layla, Grade 6

“Since the war has started, my family has been watching the news nonstop, watching the dead bodies of the children and Gaza citizens. Because of that, I fully support a ceasefire in Gaza. I hope that in the future my family will be able to achieve their goals, and Palestine will have peace and be a free country”.

Bassel, Grade 7

“I support a ceasefire because over 30,000 people have been killed in Gaza, and over half of them are children, maybe my age, younger, or older. Some have dreams, maybe like mine or different from mine, and it’s over a hundred days of nonstop bombing. It’s just a horrible scene. And my hopes and dreams for the future is that Palestine will be a free country so that all the Palestinians will have the freedom of going wherever they want and feeling like it’s their country for good. And that’s my hopes and dreams and that’s why I call for ceasefire in Gaza.”

Luca, Grade 8

“I hope for a ceasefire in Gaza because there are children that are hungry without a home that are just like me and the other students here at the Ramallah Friends School. They deserve to live in peace with their families and go to school and live safely and healthily. My hopes and dreams for the future are just like the children in Gaza and the children around the world, which are to live safely, happily, freely in our land, and we should grow up to be able to contribute to the world and travel the world if we want to and live in peace with our families.”

Hassan El-Tayyab

Hassan El-Tayyab

Legislative Director for Middle East Policy and Advocacy Organizer

Hassan El-Tayyab is an author, songwriter, and FCNL’s legislative director for Middle East policy and advocacy organizer.