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Inside the Greenhouse is a monthly update on FCNL’s environmental advocacy and the climate crisis. 

A Big Win for Global Climate Justice 

The 28th annual United Nations climate conference, COP28, kicked off last week in Dubai with a major win for climate justice. Delegates agreed to launch the Loss and Damage Fund, a historic initiative to support vulnerable countries facing the worst impacts of climate change.

The agreement to establish the fund came after negotiators from developing and developed countries reached a series of recent compromises. This breakthrough was a result of tireless advocacy from people worldwide. The fund will fill a glaring gap in the current international climate assistance ecosystem, serving as a resource for communities facing unavoidable, unadaptable, and looming climate disasters. With the fund now up and running, FCNL will work to ensure the U.S. government contributes robust funding for this crucial institution.

Young Advocates call for Loss and Damages response at COP27 in Egypt

Much work remains before the conference concludes next week, including the first assessment of global progress toward reducing emissions since the Paris Agreement was ratified in 2015.

Meanwhile, back in Washington D.C., Congress narrowly avoided a government shutdown before the Thanksgiving holiday. The House and Senate passed another continuing resolution that will extend current funding for international climate assistance to Feb. 2. As the budget and appropriations process continues to drag out, protecting robust funding for international climate assistance remains a top priority for FCNL.

U.S.-China Climate Pact Could Transform Environmental Landscape

Late last month, the United States and China reached a groundbreaking agreement to accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels and boost renewable energy initiatives. The deal outlines ambitious commitments to reduce carbon and methane emissions and foster innovation and sustainable practices.

Diplomacy and cooperation are critical, especially in the face of climate change.

After nearly a year of frozen dialogue, FCNL applauds the Biden administration for reopening talks with China. Diplomacy and cooperation between our two countries are critical, especially in the face of climate change. The U.S. and China make up 43% of global GDP and are the two largest emitters of greenhouse gases.

New Report: Nowhere in the U.S. is Immune to Impacts of Climate Change

A new congressionally mandated report warns that no corner of the United States is immune to the harms of climate change. The Fifth National Climate Assessment emphasizes that the impacts of rapid warming are already evident nationwide and are expected to worsen over the next decade if serious action is not taken.

The report underscores familiar but critical points: cutting fossil fuel use is imperative and even slight increases in temperature have severe consequences. The report serves as a stark reminder of the need for accelerated efforts at home and abroad to mitigate the unfolding climate emergency.

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Carla Montilla

Carla Montilla

Program Assistant for Sustainable Energy and the Environment (2023-2024)

Carla Montilla is the program assistant for sustainable energy and environment for 2023-2024.