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Washington, DC – Two members of Congress will be honored this week during the Annual Meeting of the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) November 16-20. Senator Tim Kaine (VA) will receive the Edward F. Snyder Award for Peace while Senator Lisa Murkowski (AK) will be given the FCNL Justice Award.

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The two awards highlight the 78th Annual FCNL Meeting and Quaker Public Policy Institute. FCNL is currently welcoming more than 530 supporters and activists from some 43 states. They will also lobby Congress to pass the Environmental Justice Act (H.R. 2021/S. 872).

“We are grateful to Senators Kaine and Murkowski for their persistent leadership on issues of deep concern to the Quaker community. Their dedication to advancing legislation for a more just and peaceful world, and their commitment to reaching across the aisle at a time of great division in our country, is to be commended,” said FCNL General Secretary Bridget Moix. “We are honored to work with them on these and other issues and to recognize them with these awards.”

The Snyder Award for National Legislative Leadership in Advancing Disarmament and Building Peace is presented annually to an outstanding member of Congress who has displayed leadership in advancing legislative priorities consistent with those advocated by FCNL. Senator Kaine earned the award for his leadership in introducing legislation to repeal the 2002 and 1991 authorizations for use of military force against Iraq and a resolution, pursuant to the War Powers Act, to prevent further hostilities against Iran. His work to reassert Congressional war powers has been critical to reining in the use of force abroad, preventing the escalation and expansion of conflicts, and forging a path to end forever war.

“I am honored to be receiving this award from a group that places such high value on building deep, respectful relationships across party lines, that reflects the voices of Quakers and their allies throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, and that prioritizes Congress’s vital role in decisions over war and peace,” said Senator Kaine.

The FCNL Justice Award recognizes members of Congress who have advanced policies for a more just society built on the dignity of all people. Senator Murkowski’s work as Vice Chair of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs to honor the nation-to-nation relationship the federal government has with tribal nations merited the award. She has led efforts to pass the Violence Against Women Act, advocated to expand tribal criminal jurisdiction, and establish an Alaska Pilot Program to handle the unique jurisdictional needs of Alaska Native villages. She is working to support survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence with the Family Violence Prevention and Services Improvement Act, including tribal provisions key to addressing unparalleled rates of violence in tribal communities. Her leadership is critical to supporting Indian Country’s efforts to address the crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous People.

“It is an honor to receive the Friends Committee on National Legislation Justice Award as we all work together to advance policies that create a more just society and recognize the dignity of all people. Thank you to FCNL for supporting policy initiatives through partnerships with Native leaders and those of us in Congress. It is with the help of advocates like FCNL that we have been able to see through such significant legislation,” said Senator Murkowski.

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Tim McHugh

Timothy McHugh

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