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UN workers removing landmines.
John Isaac / UN Photo

For decades, FCNL has worked to ban the use of landmines, which maim and kill indiscriminately, inflicting human suffering even long after conflict ends.

As leaders in the U.S. Campaign to Ban Landmines (USCBL), we have joined with likeminded organizations and affected communities to urge the United States to join the other 164 countries who have signed an international agreement to ban these inhumane weapons, which violate the basic principles of international humanitarian law.

Following the White House decision in January 2020 to roll back longstanding U.S. policy against the use of landmines, FCNL returned this issue to the top of our agenda. Following successfully lobbying and advocacy by the USCBL and FCNL, President Biden restored a near-global ban on landmines in 2022. FCNL’s current focus is on the U.S. ratification of the Mine Ban Treaty and an end to U.S. use, development, production, and acquisition of antipersonnel landmines globally.