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Inside the Greenhouse is a monthly newsletter about FCNL’s environmental work, ways to engage members of Congress, and stories that impact our work.

FCNL Supports Rep. Deb Haaland as Interior Secretary

FCNL is honored to support Rep. Deb Haaland’s (NM-01) historic nomination for secretary of the interior. We urge the Senate to quickly confirm her. We know that Rep. Haaland will represent all Americans as she leads the agency’s efforts to protect our public lands, champion environmental justice, and address climate change. We’re also confident that she will raise Indigenous voices, fulfilling the department’s mission of honoring the United States’ Nation-to-Nation relationship with tribes. Rep. Haaland is an enrolled member of the Laguna Pueblo.

We recently released a statement supporting Rep. Haaland’s nomination and wrote to all 100 Senate offices. While FCNL does not usually take a position on cabinet confirmations, the groundbreaking nature of her nomination and her invaluable support for our work on Native American advocacy and environmental issues warranted an exception.

United States Rejoins UN Efforts to Address Climate Crisis

The United States formally rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement on Feb. 19. The Biden administration is expected to submit an updated Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), which will include emissions reductions targets.

This return to the global arena comes at a critical time. The United Nations recently released a sobering report calling 2021 a “make or break year” to address climate change. It reports that the international community is “nowhere close” to the level of action needed. FCNL urges President Biden and Congress to commit to passing a price on carbon that incorporates strong environmental justice provisions.

In 2021, there are 14 senators in the Climate Solutions Caucus

News and Updates

Sen. Romney Open to Carbon Pricing
In a recent interview, Sen. Mitt Romney (UT) signaled his openness to a carbon tax, along with significant federal investments to address the climate crisis. His comments, along with similar comments from Sen. Lisa Murkowski (AK) in October 2020, set the stage for bipartisan support for a price on carbon in the Senate.

Clean Energy Transition Could Center on Republican Districts
Republican-held congressional districts, including current fossil fuel hubs, have some of the greatest clean energy potential nationwide, according to a new Brookings report. Of the 155 congressional districts with high renewable energy potential, 91 are currently represented by a Republican. This could reduce political barriers to a just transition away from fossil fuels.

American Petroleum Institute Supports a Price on Carbon
The American Petroleum Institute affirmed their support for a price on carbon as “the primary government climate policy instrument to reduce CO2 emissions while helping keep energy affordable.” Their statement adds to the growing momentum in the business community for carbon pricing.

Fossil Fuels Responsible for 8.7 Million Deaths in 2018
Air pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuels was responsible for 8.7 million deaths globally in 2018, or one fifth of total deaths that year. This is a critical environmental justice issue, with Black and brown communities and lower-income communities often experiencing higher rates of pollution.

Constituent Spotlight
On Feb. 28, Clarence and I spoke with 45 Friends from Langley Hill Friends Meeting and other local meetings about the challenges and opportunities for passing a carbon price and strong environmental justice legislation. We deeply appreciate the thoughtfulness of the questions and comments we heard, and look forward to working with all of you on climate action in the 117th Congress.

Mariah Shriner

Mariah Shriner

Program Assistant, Sustainable Energy & Environment
Mariah Shriner serves as the program assistant for the sustainable energy and environment team. Mariah lobbies members of Congress, advocating for bipartisan responses to climate change and support for climate justice.

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