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When it became clear that this year’s cohort of Advocacy Corps organizers would have to be trained online, I was nervous. The Washington Summer Intensive training is usually 10 full days of learning and growing as a group. How was this going to translate in a virtual setting?

Advocacy Corps at Summer Intensive 2020.

Well, it turned out that I shouldn’t have worried—because nothing, not even a pandemic, is going to stop young adults from making their voices heard.

From Aug. 1 through Aug. 7, the Advocacy Corps met through a series of Zoom meetings and learned about legislation that would support immigration reform. Even in the midst of so much uncertainty, we were able to come together and learn how we can create the most change for those seeking a path to citizenship in the United States.

Our Advocacy Corps members are ready to initiate crucial conversations in their communities, and to build relationships with lawmakers with the goal of creating a more just immigration system. I witnessed the energy, the empathy, and the passion that lives in these organizers. I am so excited for the rest of our FCNL community to meet them.

Feeling inspired and ready to get started on your own advocacy? We can help you set up a virtual lobby visit today! If that sounds scary, don’t worry—it’s just a 15-minute phone call with your legislator’s office.

Meet two members of the Advocacy Corps:

Tanmai Vemulapalli: North Carolina 

“FCNL’s Summer Intensive was an energizing and informative start to being an Advocacy Corps member. The support of staff and fellow cohort members, paired with engaging and helpful workshops, made me feel grounded in starting this work.”

Judith Marklin: Tennessee

“The FCNL team did a fabulous job organizing a virtual intensive training. There were informative and inspiring speakers, helpful workshops, and even a refreshing Quaker worship service. I feel confident meeting with members of Congress and their staff. But most importantly, I am now empowered to tell my story and create spaces for others to do the same.”

Larissa Sanhueza

Larissa Gil-Sanhueza

Young Adult Program Director

As the young adult program director, Larissa Gil-Sanhueza focuses on developing and training young adult advocates around the country.