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Good, digital tools are so important in this moment. They allow us to connect across the miles, and work toward the world we seek no matter where we are. That’s why I’m so excited to show you FCNL’s new digital action center.

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This is a way to make your advocacy even more powerful — a one-stop digital advocacy center, where you can look up your elected officials, contact lawmakers, and more.

If you’ve used the tools at in the past, some of these tools will be familiar to you. Here’s what has improved:

  • Enter your info once: When you log in, in the action center will recognize you. So you can take action without entering your contact information every time!
  • More ways to act: New ways to connect with your legislators, including patch-through phone calls, tweets to your elected officials, and more.
  • Staff lookup restored: As you deepen your advocacy being able to find the correct congressional staff contact can be essential. We’ve restored and expanded this feature.

I am heartened by all the ways our network is continuing to come together and work for a better world, even in this scary time. I hope these tools will support your persistent advocacy in the weeks and months to come.

Take some time to explore them now, and let me know if you have any questions! Email me at

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Jessie Palatucci

Jessie Palatucci

Director of Digital Communications
Jessie Palatucci oversees FCNL’s digital advocacy program and web communications. She writes extensively for FCNL’s digital publications and communicates with advocates throughout the U.S.