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It’s Time for the US to Realign Ukraine Policy

After two years of a military-first response that has failed to secure lasting peace, we know war is not the answer. More support for weapons and war will not bring peace. Now is the time for the US to realign its approach and focus on de-escalation. The United States must seize this opportunity to recalibrate and better support the Ukrainian people and a just, sustainable peace.

Roadmap to Peace in Ukraine: FCNL’s New Resource

To effectively overcome the challenges and impact of the crisis in Ukraine, U.S. foreign policy needs a major reorientation. Collectively, the actions described in the brief would help set a path toward de-escalating the conflict, supporting a long-term diplomatic resolution, and securing sustainable peace in the region.

The War in Ukraine and the Urgent Need for Diplomatic Solutions

Since February 2022, the world has witnessed brutal war and horrific human suffering following Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) urges Congress and the Administration to play a constructive role in ending the violence. Our Quaker faith calls us to always seek nonviolent solutions, even amid violence, and to help repair the wounds of war. The U.S. has a responsibility and an opportunity to champion a just and secure peace in the region, which can only be achieved through peaceful means.

Cluster Munitions Kill Civilians at High Rates. Some in Congress Want to Send them to Ukraine Anyway

The majority of the world agrees that the humanitarian consequences and civilian harm caused by cluster munitions, which can kill anyone and everyone in their wide path, are unacceptable. Despite this global understanding, the United States remains an outlier in allowing the continued production and use of these immoral weapons. Now, some lawmakers are urging the Biden Administration to send cluster munitions to Ukraine, disregarding the global prohibition of these weapons and the significant danger they pose to civilians.