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The People’s Unfunded Priorities List for Fiscal Year 2023

If the Pentagon and weapons contractors can get their $24 billion wish list for weapons and war—in addition to the $813 billion that President Biden already requested for the Pentagon in FY 2023—then the American people deserve an opportunity to get their unfunded needs met as well. This year’s People’s Unfunded Priorities List highlights five key areas.

Study Calls out White Supremacy in U.S. Foreign Policy

In a new study, Salih Booker of the Center for International Policy and Diana Ohlbaum of the Friends Committee on National Legislation explain how the current, militarized U.S. approach to “national security” perpetuates racism and causes immense harm to people of color at home and abroad.

Interview: Diane Randall, general secretary of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, discusses restraining the US defense budget

In this interview, I asked Randall about efforts to cut (or at least reduce the rate of growth of) the United States defense budget, which exceeds $750 billion annually, even though other challenges to national security—climate change and pandemic disease, to name just two—loom large.